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Sweet anticipation

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ArriettyMatilda Thu 17-Nov-16 02:13:40

Does anyone else struggle to sleep around Christmas time? I'm not quite excited, not yet stressed, but I am waking in the night, mulling over present lists, craft ideas and Christmas plans and preparations for hours.

Is anyone else like this? Any advice, I can't cope with another five weeks of not so sweet anticipation.

73kittycat73 Thu 17-Nov-16 02:24:27

I couldn't sleep last night for all the lists going round in my head. I just got up in the end, wrote down everything I could think of Christmas wise, then watched a bit of TV. Fell asleep to Jeremy Kyle!
I hope you have a better nights sleep soon! smile

ArriettyMatilda Thu 17-Nov-16 02:35:03

I feel if I get out of bed I've resigned myself to not sleeping all night, but with dp next to me my phone is my only option, which obviously is keeping me awake!

ArriettyMatilda Sun 20-Nov-16 05:52:01

Awake and feeling excited about Christmas again! 73kittycat73 have you been able to sleep? I remember this happened last Christmas, it's making me feel run down in the day time and I've got a cold on top of it all. On the plus I got lots of Christmas books from the library to read to 3yo dd grin

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