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Help me organise a secret santa

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ItsaTenfromDen Wed 16-Nov-16 20:00:01


Work is rubbish and something to pull folk together would be fab.

Thought I might organise a SS, what do I need to know and how easy is it?

Kirriemuir Wed 16-Nov-16 20:16:02

Set a max price and then get an app that does the draw for you. Much easier!

marriednotdead Wed 16-Nov-16 20:24:33

Find out how many people are definitely up for it. Set a budget- we usually do £5-10 max. A theme or perhaps a suggestions list if people don't want surprises, once they have signed up they can tick their choice.

Everyone writes their name on a post it note or scrap of paper, screws it into balls and when everyone's done, get participants to draw out of a hat privately. If their own name comes out then they draw again.
One person should keep a record of who has who so that there are no people without gifts or vice versa- best if they are not in it themselves.

It's great fun and we do it for family too now smile

ChippyMinton Wed 16-Nov-16 23:00:01

Are you having a meal too? We did one last year which was to buy something from the £1shop that can be worn, wrap it, put it in the sack, then lucky dip at the meal and immediately put on your item.
Plenty of fun in this one starting with the folk who had never set foot in a pound shop returning amazed at what they sell - for only a pound!!
Then amongst the usual elf hats,light up ties etc were some real comedy gems - bra, giant pants, fairy wings, rubber gloves, dog leads...highly recommended.

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