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DIY Cracker

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Greenteandchives Tue 15-Nov-16 19:21:19

Hi all, I always make my own crackers but am running out of ideas for what to put in them. Any suggestions? I need adults, both men and women. No children present this year.
Have previously used mini torches, key rings, drink miniatures, hankies, individual fancy chocs...Help!

shhhgobacktosleep Tue 15-Nov-16 19:43:52

I'm also doing them this year. I've got some small bottles of Ted Baker perfume in boots 3for2 for the young adults (early 20s) so far. Am also doing alcohol miniatures and still trying to come up with more ideas. Nice knickers (for close family as may be odd for friends). I'm going to include a nice chocolate of some sort too.

DubiousCredentials Tue 15-Nov-16 20:01:00

I usually do an naice choc and a scratchcard.

whimsical1975 Tue 15-Nov-16 20:06:56

I put lottery tickets in mine for adults smile

Greenteandchives Tue 15-Nov-16 20:30:22

I used to do the scratch cards until my bil got a sizeable win. He isn't my favourite person. hmm

DubiousCredentials Wed 16-Nov-16 12:57:41

We have a deal that anything over £50 is split between the adults (6 of us) but depending on who won we might waiver this.

AmyC86 Wed 16-Nov-16 13:05:09

I've got shop bought crackers this year, but I want to do a seating plan. (My Parents can't stand my SIL & her kids confused so ideally I need to split them up as much as possible. But I also need to split my SIL from her Daughter as the arguments when Daughter is 'being naughty' (when she's blatantly just being a normal child) is beyond awful.

So I was thinking of doing a bit of a small token gift to go with the name tag so that people will sit where there names are xx I've not got many ideas, but lot of ticket/scratch card is a good one for the adults!!!!

iklboo Wed 16-Nov-16 13:18:19

My aunt is doing wine charms and bottle stoppers in hers this year.

Mummyshortlegz Wed 16-Nov-16 13:20:48

I've done Christmas socks before and scarves.

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