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Where did you buy your Elf on a Shelf from?

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WindInThePussyWillows Tue 15-Nov-16 15:06:17

Just that really. Twins just turned 7 months so I know are a little young this year but would like to start the tradition this year with their first Christmas.

Where is yours from? And what sort of mischief does he/she get up to?

Shemozzle Tue 15-Nov-16 20:00:01


puglife1 Tue 15-Nov-16 20:09:58

Amazon. About £30!!

LittleMissUpset Tue 15-Nov-16 20:10:26

I got one in the card factory for £2.99!

Feckerlino Tue 15-Nov-16 20:11:14

£8 off a local facebook selling site. Not sure if its 'real' or not, but don't really care - I wasn't going to pay £30!

Maudlinmaud Tue 15-Nov-16 20:13:11

Amazon, it comes with a lovely book. My dd doesn't like him so I keep him in the classroom wink

PurpleHatter Tue 15-Nov-16 20:14:05

Expensive but worth it

We have been using them for 3 years now and they have lots of added extras smile

Reallywhataday Tue 15-Nov-16 20:15:14

I got ours from my little We got the boy one last year and added the girl one with elf onesies this year.

Last year I did zip wire elf (toilet roll tube and string), trapeze elf (toilet roll tube reused and tinsel), movie night, hide and seek, trapped in a bottle, the elf decorate my LG room as she slept, snowball fights, toy races.

This year I've got Elves in a balloon, hostage elf, Spider-Man elf planned. I'm still working on the rest.

holidaysaregreat Tue 15-Nov-16 20:16:18


puglife1 Tue 15-Nov-16 20:16:33

Have a look on Pinterest and Instagram for ideas.

JD320 Tue 15-Nov-16 20:52:16

We got ours from My Little Elf and so glad we did. It came in a lovely box that turned inside out to make a bed to colour, and for the elf to sleep in! It came with loads of elf mischief ideas in the Starter Set but this year I've bought the Elf Antics Prop Pack. It's got Super Elf, Elf Camping, Elf Artist, Elf Pageant, Elf Construction Site, Elf Doctor - I can't wait to get started again!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Tue 15-Nov-16 21:51:09

I made one from a Christopher Eccleson Dr Who doll and red/green felt clothes. (Sewn onto the doll, glued shoes and hat on. Little bell sewn onto the hat )
Then I made a bigger one from a Liam Neeson A-Team doll (and red/green felt)

Far far superior to the creepy little EoaS dolls , mine had 'ttude fgrin

SisterViktorine Tue 15-Nov-16 21:58:00

Well I blew the naiceometer and got mine from Monte Dragone. He is called Reggie. Getting him out on the 1st Dec is something I am really looking forward to!

100milesanhour Tue 15-Nov-16 22:11:13

Amazon, £4.99. I got a book from the works with a book for £7

SleepingBooty Tue 15-Nov-16 22:13:10

Ebay. We have the Ikea elf, not the real one. The kids love him more than Santander.

SleepingBooty Tue 15-Nov-16 22:13:36

Santa obs.. grin

Mner Tue 15-Nov-16 22:16:30

Having seen this thread, I've just bought one from eBay. DH is being all humbug about it but DS (5y) will love it! grin

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