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hot wheels tracks.

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Cocksandrubbers Mon 14-Nov-16 22:40:16

Ds 5 would like a new track for Christmas, I have no problem buying a new one but I've just had a look on eBay and found a lady selling 3 for £45 all with boxes.
They are all wall tracks as I thought they would be better than the floor ones but I cannot seem to find a price online other than £200 odd on amazon.

So if any of you have bought these in the past could you give me a rough estimate on what you paid and if they are worth it.


Sorry if it's not a clicky link confused

NotLadyPrickshit Mon 14-Nov-16 23:09:21

When they first came out they were around the same price as the regular hot wheels tracks so depending on the set between £20-£90 quid - toys r us have the roto arm set for £29.99

NotLadyPrickshit Mon 14-Nov-16 23:13:09

Judging by the size of the box & the track pics it's about the same size as the new track builder set I bought last week & that was £50 & I'll be another £20-40 each on additional sets so if you're getting 3 full sets for £45 it's a bargain

Cocksandrubbers Mon 14-Nov-16 23:13:35

Yeah I saw that one but cannot find the other two she is selling to compare prices.

Cocksandrubbers Tue 15-Nov-16 10:55:06

Excellent I've just told her I will take all 3.

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