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Christmas Budget

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pregnantat50 Mon 14-Nov-16 15:22:07

I was wondering how much people spend on family at this time of year. I have 3 children in their twentys, 2 of which still live at home. I still do them a stocking/sack with bits and bobs but not sure how much is normal to spend on a main present.

My daughter has asked for some UGG Boots, that cost £176. My son has asked for a laptop trolley briefcase for £56 and my other son wants money, I want to be fair and spend the same on each of them but I am a single parent on a moderate income, just wondered what sort of amount people spend on their adult offspring x

anyoldname76 Mon 14-Nov-16 16:36:05

i havent got adult children yet but my parents give us £100 to spend on what we want, but whatever we buy she has back to wrap up. they also spend probably another £50 on each of us and gets us pj's, slippers, fluffy socks etc

insan1tyscartching Mon 14-Nov-16 16:37:34

I spend about £150 each on my three adult children and then a stocking on top of that so probably another £25 there. I don't know if that's typical though as my df only bought me one present when I was an adult but that was most likely down to stepmother's influence tbh.

Meadows76 Mon 14-Nov-16 16:49:36

Fair isn't spending the same amount. Fair is getting them all a gift they want.

MummyIsAFreeElf Wed 16-Nov-16 01:05:06

My mum sets us a budget of £50 for our main xmas gift and then would get a few little tokens on top. At most I would say she spends £60 on me and my 2 brothers. She would spend a little bit more on my dc lol

loveliesbleeding1 Wed 16-Nov-16 09:46:23

My ds is 22 and will be getting a new phone,dd is 20 and will be getting clothes and boots,so probably £100 each,and a stocking with perfume/aftershave in, and chocs.My Mum usually buys me something I've seen when we've been shopping,and she does us a hamper of goodies so probably £150.I think £176 is a lot on one present.

Pengweng Wed 16-Nov-16 09:59:51

My mum does my stocking and I get perfume or something else around £50. I would never even think of asking for something that costs nearly £200. If you can not afford that then please just tell her you can contribute but can not pay the full amount. Maybe you could get her vouchers for half the amount.

MrsDilligaf Wed 16-Nov-16 10:35:37

I think £176 is a lot to spend on an adult child, and if you get the twitch you're going to easily spend £200.

I think it might be worth speaking to her and saying that you will give her money towards her Uggs.

My parents spend around £100 on me which I think is a bit much, but as they say, they can afford it and they like to spoil us once a year.

Do you have a budget for Christmas?

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