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Please Give me Gift Inspiration!

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BaconAndAvocado Mon 14-Nov-16 14:47:40

DS2 is 10 and loves computer games, football and not much else.

DD is 8, she loves lip balms, stationery and hand sanitisers confused

DD is going to be trickier re a BIG pressie.......

Any ideas re technology for DS2 would be good as I know very little about it, DH not much better.

Considering a go-pro, as long as it's veeeeeery easy to use!

QueenofallIsee Mon 14-Nov-16 15:05:37

Playstation Vr is what my youngest boy is having, we have a PS4 and it looks like a great addition! (Virtual reality goggles and games so imersive experiance is the theory)

BaconAndAvocado Mon 14-Nov-16 19:43:30

Ooh do they make that for the xbox one?

QueenofallIsee Tue 15-Nov-16 10:22:42

I think its planned, but not available yet as far as I know. You could get him some VR goggles to use with his phone? Loads of them about and they are fun

BaconAndAvocado Tue 15-Nov-16 21:46:57

He already has the VT glasses which he's used with my phone.

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