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Is this too soppy/girly for DS?

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PomBearWithAnOFRS Mon 14-Nov-16 04:23:38

My no3 son, who just turned 12, adores pandas. He has always liked them and has loads of related crap stuff - soft toys, games, logoed things, clothes etc.
Anyway I just found this
and wondered if it would be too pathetic if Santa brought it for him.
He would love it I know, but would it be a bit "odd" for a 12 year old?
I always call him my "little softy" - he is so sweet and gentle - he is one of those children that will always run to help if someone falls over or is standing alone in the playground, and always has something nice to say to everyone. I'm just dithering....
Would you buy it for him if you were me?

BitOutOfPractice Mon 14-Nov-16 04:27:11

I think it is, sorry

BathshebaDarkstone Mon 14-Nov-16 04:33:20

If he'd like it, why not? smile

PomBearWithAnOFRS Mon 14-Nov-16 04:36:29

DOH! one each way!
I am still torn grin

BeingATwatItsABingThing Mon 14-Nov-16 04:43:23

12 isn't that old. If he would like it, get it. And why can't a boy like that?!

ILoveAutumnLeaves Mon 14-Nov-16 04:50:48

I wouldn't buy it for a 12 year old boy or girl.

I have NO problem with buying soft toys (except we are in danger of the humans not fitting in the house!!) but that one looks like s toddler toy.

AmeliaJack Mon 14-Nov-16 05:17:52

I don't really believe in the concept of "too soppy" and I definitely don't believe in "too girly" but I would say that toy does look very young.

I'm not sure I can imagine a high school aged child feeding that panda sticks and watching it's cheeks move.

An ordinary Panda soft toy would be fine but I'm not sure about this.

itlypocerka Mon 14-Nov-16 05:20:35

It may be a bit babyish for a 12 year old but it gives me the rage that you used the word girly to describe it. Please try not to bring up the next generation in a sexist manner that tells boys they aren't allowed to be emotional and tells girls they should be all about fluffness.

It's cool to be in to pandas but perhaps a better gift for a 12yo would be this wwf adoption subscription which comes with a cuddly panda and a regular wildlife magazine throughout the year.

AmeliaJack Mon 14-Nov-16 05:24:55

^^ its damn you autocorrect.

Itly's suggestion is very good and that an awfully cute panda toy.

Another suggestion. Depending on where you are in the country - what about a trip to Edinburgh to see the real pandas there?

GruffaloPants Mon 14-Nov-16 06:05:26

He sounds lovely!

If he'll love it, why not? He's still a child, why not let him enjoy these last childhood Christmasses? Soon it will be all computer games and aftershave.

GruffaloPants Mon 14-Nov-16 06:06:46

If you are going to see the Pandas go for late afternoon to get them awake.

PomBearWithAnOFRS Mon 14-Nov-16 06:11:28

We went to Edinburgh to see the pandas grin and he loved it.
He has loads of stuffed pandas, and the subscription one.
I was just thinking about this one because it's not "just" a stuffed toy iyswim, it's more interactive.
I said girly because I know that at least one several family members would be very quick to point out to him that it's "for girls" or"for babies"
I know he would love it, but am not sure it's worth the potential hassle.
I might just sort of "accidentally" find it online while he's in the room and see what his reaction is if I go "oooo so cute"
Thanks for all your input! Christmas shouldn't be this angsty! grin

Mol1628 Mon 14-Nov-16 06:19:58

Not for a 12 year old of any gender personally.

GinIsIn Mon 14-Nov-16 06:21:18

For a 5 year old, absolutely. For a 12 year old of either gender, no I wouldn't.

monkeywithacowface Mon 14-Nov-16 06:25:25

I don't particularly like it for any age I think there are probably nicer panda related toys. What about a Shleic panda? For what it's worth my 11 year old has always been a sucker for a soft toy and even though I've said no more your post has made me think what the heck if he wants one for Christmas I'll get one!

Finlaggan Mon 14-Nov-16 06:48:16

Sorry not helping but noticed M&S have a panda hot water bottle in for xmas (DD is 7 and a huge panda fan).

I've seen this toy and I thought it might just be another 2 min wonder in this house.

You know your son best if you think he would get some joy from it why not?

ProbablyMe Mon 14-Nov-16 06:51:20

My 13 yo DS4 would love it but his 3 older brothers would have hated it at the same age. Guess you know your son best?

ProbablyMe Mon 14-Nov-16 06:52:00

And I don't think it's a matter of being too girly - maybe a bit young?

Floralnomad Mon 14-Nov-16 06:54:27

Definitely not for a 12yo , and if he still believes in Santa at 12 I would sort that out as well .

cowssheephens Mon 14-Nov-16 06:56:00

12 is still young. I would buy, who cares if it's designed for younger children! If he can't play with a toy like that when he is still a child when can he play with it?

BigGreenOlives Mon 14-Nov-16 06:59:05

I think he's too old for it. Book on pandas?

pinkhorse Mon 14-Nov-16 07:00:50

My 6 year old would say that was too babyish for him so I wouldn't get it for him now let alone in another 6 years but all children are different.

mudandmayhem01 Mon 14-Nov-16 07:02:49

My 12 yr DD would love that, my 11ds would say its awful and then annoy her by borrowing it to play with.

DoItTooJulia Mon 14-Nov-16 07:03:06

Oh I don't know-I bought my 11 yo ds some my little pony stuff last year. He's way too old for it, but his much younger brother was obsessed with MLP so he has watched them all and he LOVED getting rainbowbrite (or whoever it was I had to buy). He didn't even hide it when his mates came round.....

Who cares what other people think of it'll bring your son some delight? That's what Christmas is for!

MrsGradyOldLady Mon 14-Nov-16 07:09:20

If you think he'd like it then buy it. If he likes pandas though you can get that Banksy panda with a revolver in each hand (paw?) from Amazon as a transfer. My son has a big one on his bedroom wall. And if you get sick of it you can just peel it off and repaint the wall.

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