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If you are a teacher, would you like this?

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Wayfarersonbaby Sun 13-Nov-16 22:34:01

I'm thinking of taking the easy way out with DD's nursery teachers and getting them a bottle of prosecco each and a Christmas tree ornament (a nice red felt one from John Lewis). Would this go down okay with you (assuming you drink alcohol, which I think they all do)? Or would it look a bit meh?

Izzy82 Sun 13-Nov-16 22:36:05

I'm a teacher, and have decorations on my tree from several past pupils (I've been teaching many years). And every year when I put up the tree, I see their decoration and think of them!
The alcohol I could do without. It's generic

Emochild Sun 13-Nov-16 22:40:46

Not a fan of alcohol for teachers' gifts

Nice Christmas decoration would be appreciated though

PurpleAlerts Sun 13-Nov-16 22:42:46

Oh God yes! Bottle of prosecco

would go down very well! And an additional Christmas tree Dec too! I would love that!

TheLongRains Sun 13-Nov-16 22:43:25

Agree with above. Partly because I don't drink anyway, but also teachers do tend to get a fair few bottles at Christmas/end of year.

The decoration idea is lovely, and honestly that alone and a thoughtfully written card would be more than enough smile The cards are what I've kept for years.

TheLongRains Sun 13-Nov-16 22:44:39

Ha! Cross post with purple! Maybe the prosecco too then!

Justwhy Sun 13-Nov-16 22:44:51

I'd be happy with just the decoration. I have a few now and it's lovely getting them out and thinking of the child that gave it.

Featherhead Sun 13-Nov-16 22:45:32

I'd love it

OohhThatsMe Sun 13-Nov-16 22:45:50

I wouldn't buy something as personal as a tree decoration unless the school/classroom has a tree that she could hang it on. I don't think you should buy something permanent for someone else's house. A book voucher is nice if you don't want to get wine.

Primaryteach87 Sun 13-Nov-16 22:47:43

I would love both- personal and practical!!

muminthecity Sun 13-Nov-16 22:59:18

I would love both but especially the prosecco! You would quickly become my new favourite parent grin

notangelinajolie Sun 13-Nov-16 23:05:50

Christmas decoration sounds lovely. In the past I have bought wine or chocolates. My thoughts were that teacher can eat/drink gift themselves or pass it on as a gift to someone else. One of my DDs is a teacher and prosecco seems to be the 'in' drink at the moment. She would be delighted to receive that smile

mamalovesmojitos Sun 13-Nov-16 23:09:18

Lovely gifts. Wine can always be passed on if the recipient doesn't drink.

pieceofpurplesky Sun 13-Nov-16 23:09:51

I would be delighted. But I am secondary and lucky to even get a card!

Forgetmenotblue Sun 13-Nov-16 23:09:58

Yes lovely present idea.

mylittlephoney Sun 13-Nov-16 23:12:52

I got my ds teacher and TA a box of truffles and a bottle of prosecco at the end of year one. Didn't get so much as a thank u. Sod em, just the tree decco should do.

MooPointCowsOpinion Sun 13-Nov-16 23:14:38

I'm secondary so obviously I get nothing usually! But I would be happy with either, both, or just a card.

Can't believe pp above who said teachers get a lot of generic bottles... And?? Seems very ungrateful.

Fueledwithfairydustandgin Sun 13-Nov-16 23:16:12

May steal this idea for key worker who is amazing.

Piglet208 Sun 13-Nov-16 23:21:29

I am honestly touched by any present I receive. Alcohol gladly accepted and I love adding decorations to my tree.

Wayfarersonbaby Sun 13-Nov-16 23:41:50

Thank you all! It sounds like this would be a good idea, though I do take the point about the generic bottles (though they can always regift or just use it for other coming round).

I do also see what you mean about the decoration, but the one I was thinking of is quite plain though tasteful (would go with lots of different Christmas decor).

These gifts would be for the two main key workers who have DD at different points in the week, and I'm also going to get a box of chocs for all the other staff who are very involved throughout the different year groups (they all take turns doing holiday club etc. and at the end of the day so they will all have had the ahem delightful experience of looking after my rather "spirited" DD grin

Always really difficult knowing what to get people who you don't really know well enough to know their tastes!

Wayfarersonbaby Sun 13-Nov-16 23:42:35


YouMeanYouForgotCranberriesToo Sun 13-Nov-16 23:58:38

Literally every teacher I know would be happy with a bottle of prosecco. As would I have been when i was teaching.

Makemineacabsauv Mon 14-Nov-16 10:39:33

Yes!! I have tree decs from former pupils and go think of them when I put the decs on my tree every year! The prosecco would be very welcome too!!!

mmgirish Mon 14-Nov-16 11:54:50

I have decorations from former pupils too and I love them. I don't know a single teacher at my school who wouldn't love a bottle of prosecco!

HRarehoundingme Mon 14-Nov-16 11:59:55

I saw wine labels that say - our child may be the reason you drink; have one on us! grin

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