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Help me with my secret santa please

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TheoriginalLEM Sun 13-Nov-16 21:20:11

My person is a receptionist, late 50s early 60s. Good sense of humour and quite glam without being brassy. I like her so want to get her something nice.A loose budget of £10.

I saw a wine prison puzzle (bottle of wine in a wooden puzzle you have to solve to get to it) but was £20 so feel its a bit of a cheat.

I bought a tin of m&s shortbread and was going to add a mug or nice tea cup but thought it was boring caved and ate the biscuits


Not sure about smellies

Izzy82 Sun 13-Nov-16 22:38:40

My secret Santa made this for me last year and I LOVE it. If she is a wine drinker, you could replace the chocolate with a mini bottle of wine. It's just a cheap IKEA box frame

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