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Dd nearly 5 and chirstmas

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soontobemrsmckeown Sun 13-Nov-16 08:31:18

Dd has not asked for anything for Christmas. I've been asking her for weeks what she wants of santa and I always get the same response "nothing mummy, I'd love gell pens of you and daddy." What would you buy her/do. I've even sat with the toy catalogues but she still doesn't choose anything.

kimlo Sun 13-Nov-16 08:42:18

I would choose things I thought she would like, and get her some gel pens.

What sort of thing does she like? Dd2s most played with present last year was a massive set if pens, pencils and crayons in a case.

Lilaclily Sun 13-Nov-16 08:43:16

Get her to write a letter to santa!

GruffaloPants Sun 13-Nov-16 08:47:16

Great chance to get stuff you think she'll like, without breaking the bank!

Maybe some craft stuff, Lego and some books?

Agree get her to write a letter to Santa, even if it is to ask for surprises. Avoids her suddenly announcing she wants a particular toy at 5pm on Christmas Eve!

soontobemrsmckeown Sun 13-Nov-16 08:47:43

Lilac lily that's what I'm trying to do by asking her I need to write the words for her to copy. I've got some bits but no main gift and don't want her to be upset if she wants something and I carnt get it.

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