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Ice cream subscription

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sleepachu Sat 12-Nov-16 20:23:51

Weird question I know but you know the subscriptions you get (flowers, craft beer etc) - has anyone seen anything like it with ice cream? Want to get my dad one for Christmas and can't find one. Alternatively is there any way to arrange a regular supermarket delivery of one item? Or get vouchers for it?

PotteringAlong Sat 12-Nov-16 20:24:47

Could you make him some vouchers and send an online shop order?

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeG0es Sat 12-Nov-16 20:31:41

I imagine the cost of shipping it frozen would probably make it uneconomical as a single item delivery. It would have to either be in a lorry with a freezer like supermarkets so you have to be in when it arrives, or shipped on dry ice, also expensive.

Eva50 Sat 12-Nov-16 20:39:05

Great idea though!

sleepachu Sat 12-Nov-16 20:39:07

I thought that. I might just work out the price of x amount of ice cream in his local supermarket, set up a direct debit to him for that amount monthly, and make vouchers explaining he can pick them up there...does that work as a present?

TheSpottedZebra Sat 12-Nov-16 20:43:03

Or buy a gift card/cards, and put it together in an ice cream-themed package?

Eg dish, spoon, scoop. Ice magic??

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeG0es Sat 12-Nov-16 20:46:20

It sounds like a lovely idea. I'd be really pleased to get that for a present don't tell the other posters on the Slimming World thread.

sleepachu Sat 12-Nov-16 20:46:50

Oh, so cute! I think he'll love that. Weirdly though, I can't find any mention of co op gift cards on their website (my parents live a million miles from any shop other than the co op thats on their street - my dad's in there about 20 times a day just chatting rubbish to people grin). I'll see if you can buy them in store. Oh I love Christmas gifting!

itsgottabeblackorwhite Sun 13-Nov-16 10:21:44

Does the local milkman deliver it?

BrieAndChilli Sun 13-Nov-16 10:27:59

Buy an ice cream makers and ingredients??

sleepachu Sun 13-Nov-16 12:05:33

Don't think there is a local milkman unfortunately. He's got an ice cream maker somewhere, but he never uses it. He just likes eating whole tubs of ice cream, preferably Mackie's, straight from the box hmm gross for the rest of us but at least he'll like it. Why are dads so hard to buy for?

nancy75 Sun 13-Nov-16 12:11:43

A few years ago dd got dp an ice cream gift set, we got a proper scoop, ice cream sundae glass and loads of toppings, sauces etc. It would be a nice thing to open to go with his vouchers

sleepachu Sun 13-Nov-16 16:28:31

Aw that sounds so nice, will definitely have a look for one!

chocdonutyy Sun 13-Nov-16 16:32:47

Maybe buy him one of the fancier ice cream makers that don't need pre freezing?
The normal ones you have to put in the freezer overnight and I never have enough room for it permanently and so when I get the urge can't be bothered to wait a day for it to freeze!

InYourHonour Sun 13-Nov-16 16:59:26

We get Mackies ice cream in the small tubs at the panto. What about trying to get him a box of that delivered so 12 or 24 (however it comes!) little tubs just for him?

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