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What is on your Christmas list ?

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starrynight19 Sat 12-Nov-16 19:08:21

I have a birthday and Christmas very close together and struggling to give suggestions when people ask me.
What are you coveting this year ?

SaltMarshPirate Sat 12-Nov-16 19:10:56

Normally nothing, my dh gets me perfume, jewelry and some lovely bits and bobs. I saw the Naked Palette 3 thingy thing today and, oh my goodness, I want!

KingJoffreysRestingCuntface Sat 12-Nov-16 19:14:24

I'd like a tortoise.

YouHadMeAtCake Sat 12-Nov-16 19:17:45

New ipad as mine is ancient and on its last legs. Earrings or some form of jewellery, perfume. I would really like a lovely new pen too.

MsAwesomeDragon Sat 12-Nov-16 19:20:12

I don't want anything really. I'm annoying everyone by not coming up with a list at all. I need new clothes but would need to try them on to see what fits properly, also need new bras but definitely need to try them on. There are a few books I'd like, but i read on my Kindle and you can't buy Kindle books as presents (unless they've introduced that option recently).

redjellybean Sat 12-Nov-16 19:42:42

Yes I think you can buy kindle books now! I discovered recently. Well, you can get a kindle gift card and redeem it on books. That's what's I've asked for this year.

OvO Sat 12-Nov-16 19:43:22

iPad (I'd need a lottery win for this!)
Instant Pot pressure cooker

SimplyNigella Sat 12-Nov-16 19:50:36

I would really like a slouchy cashmere beanie and wrist warmers, some Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath Oil, an Ottolenghi recipe book and a Spicery gift voucher.

Celticlassie Sat 12-Nov-16 19:53:27

Not sure this year as I'm pregnant so not bothered about clothes or booze, but not far enough along to want anything baby related.
I thought about a naked palette but not sure how long it'll be before I end up using it so may as well wait till next Christmas.

Pengweng Sat 12-Nov-16 20:00:33

Origins ginger essence perfume
Soap and glory scrub your nose in it face wash
Lush eyebrow crayon (but can only buy in the london stores and I'm up north so prob no chance of getting that)
New hat and mittens

starrynight19 Sat 12-Nov-16 20:07:26

Ooh what's a lush eyebrow crayon off to google grin

drspouse Sat 12-Nov-16 20:12:07

Fitness tracker (I'm after the Fitbit Charge HR)
I always want pyjamas, bubble bath, funky jewelry (DH picks good things from independent artists).
Retro sewing box.
Possibly a very large cutting mat (for sewing) - I need to measure my cutting space.

Agiraffeisnotacat Sat 12-Nov-16 20:12:33

I'm asking for an Apple Watch 2 this year which is way way above what we normally spend. We can afford it but I always feel guilty asking for stuff for me (totally self-inflicted I should add).

vintagechick43 Sat 12-Nov-16 20:16:59

Oooh I want one of those babylis big hair styler thingy's .... hoping it might make me look glamorous !!

My list is pretty much identical every year:

some makeup
some nice knickers and socks
bubble bath
lots and lots of books

Flisspaps Sat 12-Nov-16 20:38:51

A NASA sweatshirt
Various astronaut autobiographies
Serotonin molecule necklace
Leopard print pyjamas
Superhero socks
Walls ice cream lip balms
Walls ice cream bag
Space washi tape
Public Service Broadcasting remix CD
Ceramic travel mug
Tim Peake's book
Galaxy print scarf
Starry fidget ring
JFK print scarf

If you can't tell, my obsession is space. And I have a list on Pinterest (more than is here) which DH chooses a few things from so it's always a surprise when I open it and I do the same for him grin

monsterbookofty Sat 12-Nov-16 20:42:45

The animals of farthing wood boxset grin

OhFuckOff Sat 12-Nov-16 20:43:46

Vegan chocolates smile

HeyMicky Sat 12-Nov-16 20:44:11

Jewellery tree
Necklace with names of both DDs
Properly warm wellie socks
Labyrinth board game
Fire pit (joint with DH)

Geillis Sat 12-Nov-16 20:46:32

Babyliss big hair thingy
Botanical Gin Mixology Box
New bedding (boring... sorry)

starrynight19 Sat 12-Nov-16 20:59:08

kingjoffrey I hope you get a tortoise grin

HelenaJustina Sat 12-Nov-16 21:05:38

Newly into gin so hoping for some of that
Diamond earrings

redexpat Sat 12-Nov-16 21:38:38

A metronome
Purple nail varnish
a time turner necklace
Legoland pass
Some piano music

goingmadinthecountry Sat 12-Nov-16 22:59:52

We're somewhat poorer than previous years so stuff I'm not buying for myself at the moment, mainly Liz Earle skincare stuff. Lots I'd like but nothing I need apart from moisturiser that's better than the Olay chip fat I bought as a stop gap. I know people have it much worse, but I am really resenting having less money.

thesockgap Sat 12-Nov-16 23:51:02

Clips for my Pandora bracelet
new PJs
Hat / scarf / gloves
smellies, perfume, bath stuff etc
Scented candle

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