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One room two trees?

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BlueFolly Sat 12-Nov-16 18:43:43

OK, so I'm not going to not get a real tree, but I've seen a lovely gold tree in M&S and am wondering about having this as a second tree in the dining area.

Is that daft?

Would it be too much?

Heirhelp Sat 12-Nov-16 18:48:39

Unless it is a tiny tree or you have a huge space. How many people and presents will you need to fit in the room? Will there be enough space for the kids to play.

Stitchosaurus Sat 12-Nov-16 18:49:23

There is no such thing as "too much" at Christmas fgrin

I dream of living in a big house one day, so I can have multiple trees! If you can fit it in, without tripping over it constantly - go for it

nennyrainbow Sat 12-Nov-16 18:50:57

Would seem a bit odd having them in the same room. Why not just choose the better one, or else put them in different rooms? ( with the second one for decoration only rather than presents)

shinook123 Sat 12-Nov-16 21:19:22

We are having 3 christmas trees in our living room this year.
Our living room is massive so they are all in different areas.
We have our main tree in front of the bay window.The tree is a flocked decorated with woodland animals.
Our second tree which we used to put in the kitchen until we moved here last here. (No room in the kitchen)
This tree goes in the dining area of our living room and is the kids tree.Decorated with a lot of things they have made themselves and has decorations some of which were mine when I was small.
Our third tree is new this year.It's just a 4ft tree that will go by the side of our fireplace.Our hearth and mantlepiece we decorate in a Santa's grotto theme.
I saw a photo of a candy cane tree and thought how great it would look by our grotto fireplace.
So the 4 ft tree will be decorated in candy cane decorations,lollipop decorations and sweets,red and white themed.
I've made a few decorations for this tree and bought some of the larger decorations from abroad.
I can't wait to put them all up

thingsthatgoflumpinthenight Sat 12-Nov-16 21:24:09

Agree you can't have too much Christmas at Christmas. Last year we had 7 trees - one in each of the 3 DC's rooms, the main sitting room one, a dning room one, and a small one in the kitchen and entrance hall.

This year I may be getting a couple more for the bathrooms - I don't like the lack of festiveness when I'm on the loo sad

BlueFolly Sun 13-Nov-16 00:59:58

It's kind of a living room (which would have the main tree in a corner), then a knocked through dining room that would have the atprtificial tree.

I am wavering between 'you can't have too much Christmas at Christmas' grin and 'would look odd in the same room'.

The second tree would look totally fake and just reminds me of 1970s and I think it's lovely.

EnidButton Sun 13-Nov-16 02:34:07

Oh have two. Why not? Is it a Victorian/Edwardian terrace with the two reception rooms knocked through into one long one? Because if so, there'll be plenty of distance between the two trees for it not to look daft. Would be better of the fake tree was smaller than the real one so it'd be more obvious that the real one was the main tree but I don't think it matters really.

KickAssAngel Sun 13-Nov-16 02:44:52

IF you have two distinct areas then why not?

I have the main tree in the big lounge - it's 7 foot (I wanted 12 but DH said no, now he accepts I was right).

Then there's a little 3 foot one in the dining room.

A two foot one in the downstairs cloakroom.

A five foot one made of spiral lights on the front porch.

A tree outside filled with lights.

Sometimes I have the same color scheme throughout the house, other years I do different colors in different rooms.

We also have enough things to decorate the entire stairs & banisters, front hall, wreaths on front & back door, fireplace and I have the dining room table 'set' as well. DH runs away and hides in the basement.

dontcrynow Sun 13-Nov-16 04:19:40

Wow you all seem to have massive houses. How do you stop your kids from knocking over the ones in their bedrooms?

KickAssAngel Sun 13-Nov-16 04:26:35

DD is 13!

I live in the US and have a big midwestern house, so loads of space.

We can't have some things though because the cates will go for them. Ever tried chasing a cat who has tinsel coming out of their bum?

attheendoftheday Sun 13-Nov-16 11:26:05

I think if they are in different areas it will be fine.

I also think that you should do what makes you happy.

wonderingsoul Sun 13-Nov-16 11:46:19

I have a small 2 bed flat and i have a tree in every room including the hallway. Hall way one is a 6ft half tree upgasint the wall. Kids have a 5ft one in there room. 6ft big ine in the living room . A plant pot on to go on the window sill in the bethroom and kitchien and ill have a 4ft one in my room this year.

thingsthatgoflumpinthenight Sun 13-Nov-16 14:11:49

don't the DC have small ones in their rooms, about 3ft tall on little side tables or whatever spare furniture surface there is - I fix them all down with a bit of parcel tape on each bit of the stand to stop them getting knocked over. It helps that the DC aren't little anymore (youngest is 10).

The only big ones I have are the 7ft and 6ft ones I have in the sitting room and dining room.

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