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Best pod coffee machine?

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frazzled74 Fri 11-Nov-16 10:18:54

I want to buy one for mil. Which should I go for? She likes lattes and cappuccinos.

OdinsLoveChild Fri 11-Nov-16 10:21:55

I cant recommend one but I can say don't have a tassimo. Its really expensive to buy the pods and they don't accept any other brand/copies unlike other brands of machine. sad

popmimiboo Fri 11-Nov-16 10:39:07

I love my nespresso. It was pricy but 9 years later is still going strong so definitely worth it.

Lovewatchingrainfall Fri 11-Nov-16 10:41:00

Depending on what you want to spend I would go for the nespresso they are well made. Okay some pods can be expensive but you can get other brands in places as Sainsbury's, Tesco, Waitrose for it too.

minijoeyjojo Fri 11-Nov-16 10:57:54

I love the nespresso latissima that we have. I had a different nespresso with the aeroccino milk frother before but that was a bit of a faff, the coffee was always delicious but it was a pain to clean and I frequently got errors with it. The latissima makes delicious lattes and cappuccinos at the touch of a button and the milk dispenser goes in the dishwasher. Win. Love it.

43percentburnt Fri 11-Nov-16 12:07:45

We have a nespresso which we use daily. It has helped us cut down on buying coffees out too!

I have a refer a friend code for £45 or £75 off a machine if anyone wants one (PM me). If you order a machine and 100 coffee capsules I receive a complimentary travel mug, you get a £45 or £75 off a machine.

moggle Fri 11-Nov-16 12:45:34

We have a dolce gusto which we got for about £30 last black friday. Very happy with it. I buy the pods on subscribe and save through amazon which usually works out about £9 for 3 boxes. They are £3.99 each in supermarkets. That gets you 16 pods - but for drinks like cappucino which have a coffee pod and a milk pod, you only get 8 drinks. I love the cafe au lait which is just one pod so better value. another option is getting a good mains powered milk frother and then just use espresso pods in the machine.
I don't think there are any supercheap generic pods for the dolce gusto though, unless you want to refill them yourself.

BurnTheBlackSuit Fri 11-Nov-16 12:50:15

I love my Tassimo. It's neat and tidy, the coffee tastes good and the pods aren't that expensive. I recommend Kenco coffee pods!

Ledkr Fri 11-Nov-16 12:50:36

I have dolche too. Also a Black Friday bargain. I only buy the plain coffee fur 3.99 for 16 and froth my own warm milk to make posh coffee.
I did but some of the others but dd seemed to use them all and waste hang the cup so I stopped hmm

NotSoSkinnyNow Fri 11-Nov-16 13:03:40

Another vote for the nespresso. I love it. They had a fab autumn deal, not sure if it is still available, but I got a machine for a great price (can't remember how much, but it was better than half price, also bought it in lakeland using a money off voucher) an offer of a free aerocinno when you order pods online. Also, when I registered online, got another offer of free cups when you order one of their selection packs of pods. So all in all, I did really well by combining the offers. Told dh it was my Christmas present from him grin

NotSoSkinnyNow Fri 11-Nov-16 13:05:47

He doesn't even have to wrap it and put it under the tree.... well, I had to see if it worked before running out of time to return it winkgrin

Sgtmajormummy Fri 11-Nov-16 13:20:29

I have a Dolce Gusto machine (looks like a penguin) as a temporary solution in the flat we're working on. It saves me having to buy milk for just one cup or the ground coffee getting stale/dusty.

If your MIL only drinks one or two cups a day, I'd recommend it but at home I have a real espresso machine which uses ground coffee. Pods are too expensive and bad for the environment to service my 4 cup a day habit!

frazzled74 Fri 11-Nov-16 23:38:17

Thank you I think I will probably go for the dolce Gousto.

Costacoffeeplease Fri 11-Nov-16 23:49:32

I have a dolce gusto, the cafe au lait pods are really nice m, and only one per cup so work out cheaper than the cappuccinos/lates

Costacoffeeplease Fri 11-Nov-16 23:49:40


WanderingTrolley1 Sat 12-Nov-16 00:00:47

DP has a Nespresso machine, I have a Dolce Gusto.

The cafe au lait is my favourite.

Fuckingitup Sat 12-Nov-16 07:06:30

I have a lavazza machine. AEG fantasia one.
It's fantastic. The coffee is genuinely better than my local pricey deli. It also makes perfect lattes if you like them.


allegretto Sat 12-Nov-16 07:11:59

Pods are bad fir the environment when there are so many better ways of making coffee.

MrsJamin Sat 12-Nov-16 07:19:32

I agree with allegretto, pods are awful for the environment as they can't be recycled. Can you get a machine you need to put the coffee in? It's not that difficult to use.

Chrisinthemorning Sat 12-Nov-16 07:23:50

Lavazza one from Lakeland

Nanasueathome Sat 12-Nov-16 07:24:50

Nespresso have a coffee machine promotion on at the moment
I have just bought a new machine for £1

AmberEars Sat 12-Nov-16 07:28:59

We have a Philips Senseo. It's great because the pods are good value to buy and look like tea bags (no plastic involved) so better for the environment / recycling reasons. Also it's really versatile in terms of what drink you can have (e.g. if you don't like expresso). Highly recommended.

VeryPunny Sat 12-Nov-16 07:31:45

Nespresso makes the best coffee, hands down. The Aeroccino milk frother is fab too - I use it all the time for the children. You can recycle the pods and the big supermarkets all have Nespresso - compatible pods. We have a Pixie which I got for around £60, and a free milk frother when I spent £50 on coffee pods.

Any milk based pod drink will have UHT milk powder in it.

bruffin Sat 12-Nov-16 07:33:47

The dolcegusto is best for lattes and cappucinos. Had ours for years and love it. But if you prefer plain coffees the i expext the nespresso has more choice

MrsPnut Sat 12-Nov-16 07:38:27

We have had a baby gaggia that we sold because it was a faff to clean, then we got a dolce gusto machine that leaked and the coffee wasn't all that great. The pods were really expensive as well.

In a moment of hope, I have just ordered a nespresso machine because I have seen compatible pods in the supermarket.

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