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How many presents?

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change132 Thu 10-Nov-16 20:35:50

I've read many threads recently regarding presents. Just wondering how many presents you buy for each dc? I don't buy them much at all apart from Christmas and birthdays but I love them coming down in the morning to a massive pile of presents so I tend to buy between 30 and 40 each. Anyone else or just me???

Carrie76 Thu 10-Nov-16 20:58:34

Wow that's a lot!! I too don't buy toys during the year other than for birthdays. Last year my guys got 5 or 6 presents from Santa (less than €150 spend) and a stocking and 2 from mum and dad. I felt i went a bit overboard on Santa, maybe not!
I should add they're under 6 so easy to get away without spending too much

insan1tyscartching Thu 10-Nov-16 21:01:57

Dd has a well stuffed stocking but don't count them as presents tbh and then she will have three or four other presents from us (depending on what she has asked for) and then presents from her siblings (adults so very generous presents)
Some years dd has expensive presents so she's had a laptop and an electronic piano the last two years which makes it easy to not have to buy much else.This year there is nothing big on her list so will probably buy theatre tickets. It was great when she was small and huge piles of plastic didn't cost a fortune tbh.

Princesspinkgirl Thu 10-Nov-16 21:03:02

When my baby is older I'll probably only buy 10 max thing is she's due Christmas day lol anyway this year not knowing if she will be here or not I've bought her 3 presents

GooseFriend Thu 10-Nov-16 21:04:31

4-5 pressies under tree and a stocking with up to 10 things in here. They are younger I'd imagine it'll increase a bit as they age.

OdinsLoveChild Thu 10-Nov-16 21:06:31

They had 9 each last year but this year they've gone for the expensive ones in the catalogues/brochures/books so they will be lucky to get 4 or 5 each.

I recall my DS aged around 7 and had a pile of around 20 gifts. He opened 1 and spent the entire day playing with it. 3 days it took him to get round to opening the rest of the presents and I vowed to never again spend so much money on so many toys for 1 day in the year. hmm

mrsm43s Thu 10-Nov-16 21:16:14

I just checked (I have a spreadsheet!) and last year it was 27 each! But that included the stocking gifts (so stuff like chocolate orange/chocolate coins/socks/bubble bath and similar cheap stuff) as well as one gift that we have before Christmas (special family day where we do a token gift exchange).

Actual proper main presents from us = 4

Total spend per child about £200 (for preteens), so not as extravagant as it initially seems.

Gowgirl Thu 10-Nov-16 21:17:42

3 each, one for each wise man plus a stocking from father Christmas.

Neverpeelmushrooms Fri 11-Nov-16 06:42:50

Between 1 and 3 presents. Although dd this year has asked for clothes and hairbands etc so it's more items but will be wrapped in bundles iyswim.

They also have a well stuffed stocking and a present from father Christmas

AuntieStella Fri 11-Nov-16 07:13:08

They have 1 main present (possibly 2 if they actually want something comparatively small).

And lots of stuff in their stockings.

They usually also receive a present from grandparents and aunts/uncles and some of their godparents (essentially our close friends who have remained close friends).

I do like the idea of 3 to reflect the magi!

FoxInABox Fri 11-Nov-16 07:18:46

I love the big pile of presents on Christmas Day. We don't go overboard for birthdays really, just a few presents, but Christmas is the main event in our house- I wouldn't like to count how many. A lot of it is cheap bits I've seen- craft bits, stationary etc which does bulk it out.

anyoldname76 Fri 11-Nov-16 19:08:21

mine get 15 presents and they get 5 little presents in their stockings plus choc coins etc. on average I spend around £200 - £300 each

Frazzled2207 Fri 11-Nov-16 19:11:58

That sounds like a lot.
Mine will be getting about £100 each spent which I expect will be perhaps 7 or 8 each, plus little bits in stocking. They are only small tho, 3 and 1

Frazzled2207 Fri 11-Nov-16 19:12:46

They get loads of other presents though from grandparents etc so don't do too badly!

RebelRogue Fri 11-Nov-16 19:23:18

Dunno..about 8-9 this year without stocking. But that will be silly stuff like lipgloss and hair scruncies and chocolate coins and whatnot

OSETmum Sat 12-Nov-16 08:07:51

About 10 from Santa plus a stocking.

4 from us but that includes a very expensive bike to compliment his hobby.

1 from 4 sets of aunties and uncles, 1 from one set of grandparents and lots from the other set.

EllieMentry Sat 12-Nov-16 08:31:04

When our children were younger, we used to give them four or five presents each from us, plus they had a stocking full of small bits and bobs (from Father Christmas).

Then there were any presents from other people, who would give one each (maybe five or six altogether).

Seemed like plenty and there was always a satisfying pile of gifts to unwrap, but it wasn't overwhelming.

Shinyshoes2 Sat 12-Nov-16 08:36:23

30-40 Is a ridiculous amount . But it's your money . Mine are getting about 3-4 each but ive spent £300 on each of them . Id rather give less presents but much better quality than 30-40 presents that are crap
I hate seeing tons and tons of presents under the tree . I do often think that they've been to the pound shop and bought loads of plastic tat

SushiRocks Sat 12-Nov-16 09:22:03

I do 1 main present and a few smaller ones from me and 5 or 6 bits from Santa. I normally budget about £50 for the lot but sometimes go a bit over.

BrianMolkoismyPlacebo Sat 12-Nov-16 10:27:29

I can only remember a handful of presents I received at christmas when I was a kid so i don't really go for quantity with my dc as a month down the line and they'll have forgotted half the stuff, not play with it or it'll be broken as if I went the quantity route I'd definately have to sacrafice quality.

I've just bought dd a doctors set for £40. I could have easily bought one for £10 and bought her lots of other things with the left over £30. But what's the point?

My dc receive 3 good quality toys from santa and a small stocking with small good quality trinkets.

FallenSky Sat 12-Nov-16 10:34:52

Both have around 20 each so far and there are a few other bits coming, but the majority of the presents are either bits that go with bits iyswim (So main present skylanders imaginators, then extra skylanders wrapped up individually) or books. They have 2 "main" presents each. As they get older I should imagine the pile will decrease quite a bit as the presents they ask for get more expensive.

Kim82 Sat 12-Nov-16 10:36:06

I've just had a look at the list of things I've bought and they have, on average, 9 smaller presents plus one larger, more expensive one - the elder two will have the cash in place of the more expensive present as that's what they've asked for). I'll have spent around £200-£250 each on the 9, 12 and 15 year olds and around £130 ish on the 2 year old.

We have huge families though and they get stupid amounts of presents from them too. They don't Ger things bought for them throughout the year though, just birthdays (all four have them in the summer) and Christmas.

HollyBrown Sat 12-Nov-16 10:52:10

I've spent around £125 per child on 10 tree presents each this year. When I finish stockings & advent calendars it'll probably be around £150 each. We have 4 children so can't/won't spend an awful lot more than that until we absolutely 'have' to. I'm very good at hunting deals so although we've spent that much it's worth a lot more.
I don't let them have more than 10 presents each under there from us, there's no need. They will get one more each from each set of grandparents.

sweetsomethings Sat 12-Nov-16 12:03:32

My spreadsheet is showing 25 presents and thats not including the stocking

HeCantBeSerious Sat 12-Nov-16 12:09:12

DC get a small stocking each and then 4 small gifts: something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. None come from Santa. They get a gift each from my parents and sister but nothing from DH's family (his parents will usually rustle up a colouring book or other such extravagance months later).

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