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Looking for good quality kids dressing gowns.

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kiely32 Thu 10-Nov-16 13:15:34

As title says I am looking for good quality dressing gowns for my ds (9) and Dd (10). During the winter months they use them loads and they don't grow much so I want them to be super cosy in them for a couple of years. Of course I would also like them to be a bargain price 😆 Any recommendations? Xx

BossWitch Thu 10-Nov-16 13:16:30

Place marking! But looking for a 2-3 year old size instead smile

jennymac Thu 10-Nov-16 13:48:57

My dc both have dressing gowns from M&S. They last well, wash well, are lovely and warm and don't cost much.

gigglingHyena Thu 10-Nov-16 14:32:16

The last couple we had were Tesco, they've been nice and soft and washed well. I tend to buy a size bigger than they are generally wearing and we get a couple of years from them before passing them onto my nephews.

They never seem to have much range though, so if you don't like this years pattern it's not good.

Boys one was reduces to £9.60 when I picked it up yesterday.

Greenfingeredfun Thu 10-Nov-16 15:10:41

I second Tesco!

Leatherboundanddown Thu 10-Nov-16 15:23:53

I don't know how much they are but dd has one from john lewis that she got for Christmas two years ago and it still looks brand new. It is from their own line of childrens nightwear and is really soft and fluffy fleece with a hood.

Eva50 Thu 10-Nov-16 15:34:06

I got a lovely fleecy one in black and grey with a skull pattern from La Redoute for ds3 (10) this year. They have £25 off £50 spend at the moment.

nellifurtardo Thu 10-Nov-16 15:36:33

Asda and next both do nice dressing gowns. Asda is obvs cheaper ;)

TroubleinDaFamily Thu 10-Nov-16 15:38:06

The White Company are not super cheap, but they last.

doleritedinosaur Thu 10-Nov-16 15:39:28

My DS has dressing gowns with his pjs from Primark, they're from 9 months I think & they're so fluffy & soft. Also the tie can't be pulled off by him.
They also wash well.

I know they do all ages & have a wide range in the bigger ones.

Juanbablo Thu 10-Nov-16 16:51:09

Sainsburys had nice ones in today, very soft.

Chelazla Thu 10-Nov-16 18:57:44

My kids had John Lewis ones super cosy and lasted for two years!!! X

Jenijena Thu 10-Nov-16 18:59:30

We had a John Lewis one, at least third hand, and it's still lovely. Bought DS a dinosaur one from Debenhams recently and it's great, very snuggly

DianaMitford Thu 10-Nov-16 19:20:23

Joules!! Gorgeous products and very reasonable prices

OnchaoFerngrass Thu 10-Nov-16 19:47:36

M&S here, lasted at least 2 years, still look new.

ByeByeLilSebastian Thu 10-Nov-16 19:50:21

Ive just got this one for DS. It's so soft and warm I want it for myself!

woodwaj Thu 10-Nov-16 20:03:55

Ive just bought one from Boden for my 2 year old. Its so snuggly! They sent me vouchers so it only cost me £9

VinoEsmeralda Thu 10-Nov-16 20:10:57

I just bought DS (13) one from New Look, feels v similar to the White company one DH has...

kiely32 Thu 10-Nov-16 20:18:40

Wow, thanks for all of the suggestions! I will check them all out. 😄

mrsnec Thu 10-Nov-16 20:23:09

Mine both have nice ones from Peacocks. They came with matching slippers. They are lovely. I can't find them on their website but if you are near one of their shops it might be worth having a look.

Crystal15 Thu 10-Nov-16 20:28:53

Matalan by far. Mine have had them 3 years and I pass 1 down to the next youngest as still like new. So think, soft and fluffy. Well made and even have a pop button near neck to keep snug closed. Nice sized hood too.

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