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Best toys ever

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AmyAmoeba Thu 10-Nov-16 06:17:09

Inspired by the really funny thread about what not to waste money on, I'm curious to know what toys are really worthwhile.

For us
Our collection of wooden train toys - it's a hodgepodge of IKEA, brio and Thomas and its been going strong for years. I'll be holding on to it for the grandchildren

A cheap bucket of wooden bricks from Lidl. Used by themselves or alongside the train tracks. Probably one of our most used items.

The Alfie Treasury by Shirley Hughes: it's been read so much that the spine has broken, pages are repaired with sellotape and the dust cover is long lost.

Trampoline : I'm surprised it hasn't holes worn in it. Mine put their coats on and go out in the rain to bounce for a while. Bought it second hand too so cost per use is nothing!

I pull out this mosaic puzzle board when I need a half hour of peace. Hesitated to buy it looking at all those pieces but I love it. The wood smells and feels nice too.

I've bought some lovely wooden jigsaws in Lidl that have lasted well but are out grown now. Stashed away for the grandkids.

Balance bikes when they were young- got great use and they made the transition to proper bikes easy.

Wooden kitchen, ikea pots and pans and Melissa and Doug playfood.

For the garden, child size real metal and wood tools, again from Lidl, and a wheelbarrow. We have a climbing rope (Lidl) and a swing seat (ikea) that get used every dry day. The green turtle covered sand tray still looks as ugly as ever great despite years in the garden.

Lego- im a little ambiguous about it. It's well loved and got great play but I'm disappointed with how a fantastic toy of my childhood has become commercialised and gendered. That's a separate thread though.

Our octonaut collection is another favourite. I'm not as enamoured as the kids are. But they are practically marine biologists now. I get tired popping the window back on the gup x and heartily sick of captain barnacles shouting at me.

Play dough - I'm not so keen on most of the toys the kids disagree except for the fun factory which is like a giant plastic garlic press, and Chomper the Excavator from the digging rigs collection. Plastic cookie cutters and a child sized rolling pin are great too.

Dressing up - a pirate costume and a couple of princess dresses are our most popular and enduring pieces. Play silks and fabric scraps have got great use.

The happy land fairy tree monstrosity still looks like new despite hundreds of hours of play. The windmill is still a play date favourite.

If I could only throw all the other piles of plastic, noise making, crap into a huge skip and be done with it!

Curious to know what the big hits have been for other people.

Equimum Thu 10-Nov-16 06:49:31

My eldest is only just coming 4, but already we have found:
- wooden trainset is played with everyday, and Father Christmas had been asked for more
- Mini Micro scooter - absolutely loved here
- Schleich farm animals - get included in all sorts of play and are great for on the go
- hotwheels cars - again, used for everything
- a wooden bus with lots of peg people. We bought the Habitat one for DS2s first birthday, and both boys love it

KC225 Thu 10-Nov-16 08:43:51

Stacking cups for the bath
Micro scooters
Lego but not every day
Monopoly kids party edition
UNO (card game at the moment)

FixItUpChappie Sun 13-Nov-16 06:12:53

mine are 4 and 6 but so far our most used bits have been.....

-play kitchen - still going strong. we buy a new bit for it once a tear and it's totally revived

-train table/set - is stashed downstairs and ignored but 2-3 times a year we dust it off set everything up and it's like a brand new toy for a month.

-construction trucks - small and medium plastic ones get used even more than the big sturdy metal ones TBH - they get used a ton. you can throw them in various sensory bins, use inside/outside - then just rinse them off - very good play value.

-toolbox - play tools, measuring tap, paint brushes, goggles, reflective work vests - hrs of imaginative fun.

-bin of hotwheels cars - the gift that keeps on giving. Making tracks, making car washes, sticking them in my purse for boring outings - cheap and awesome.

-bin of Lego - endless possibilities

-the Fischer price dr kit I had as a kids fix up stuffed animals, us - great imaginative toy

DoItTooJulia Sun 13-Nov-16 06:20:06

Thomas mad 4 yo has had every type of track. The best one is the new motorised mini's track. It's bloody brilliant. It works, it stays together, gives the minis a new life. Fab.

The boys have also played with Quercetti saxoflute/tubations every single day. (Oldest is 11 and had it as a prezzie when he was 2-indont think a day had gone by that he hasn't played with it. Considering buying him a new set as a bit of a joke, although he would love it, he knows he's getting a bit old for it! tubations link

shakemysilliesout Sun 13-Nov-16 06:57:19

Yes to trampoline, best money spent.

Fishing game/ magnets is a perennial hit.

Box of Mr men books, I hate them but kids love them

Bobsmum02 Sun 13-Nov-16 07:15:43

My DD is 10 and for her it would have to be her trampoline although it takes up half the garden!!

Micro Scooter, had years of play and still loves it!

Good old bike, she's always got plenty of use out of each one she's had.

DS is only 2 but for him the best toy is a load of figures - animals, dinosaurs, Knights etc. He'll play for hours with them!

Twooter Sun 13-Nov-16 07:23:49

Playmobile and Lego.

Paper and pens

Mol1628 Sun 13-Nov-16 07:29:18

Wooden train set
Car road mat
Any toy vehicles
Cardboard boxes

BroomstickOfLove Sun 13-Nov-16 07:30:20

Balance bikes (and then bikes)
Mini Micro scooters (and then scooters)
Aldi version of Kapla blocks
Marble run
Wooden train set
Play silks
Pavement chalk
Paper, crayons, pen
Large cardboard boxes. DD is 10 and spent yesterday using them to build a den which she turned into a shop where she traded objects for Bear YoYo cards.
Lego. Old stuff from the attic with a couple of kits of new stuff.
Small cuddly animals who are all the characters in imaginary games.

JohnCrane Sun 13-Nov-16 07:46:58

The toys we've had most mileage out of:

Toy kitchen and you food
ELC plastic petrol station - still played with now even
Giant cardboard box I made to look like a house
Dolls house
Random fiddly figures, animals, dinosaurs, Pokemon etc
Action man baddy from car boot sale
Really really annoying singing alphabet bus
Melissa and Doug wooden stables and horses
Dressing up clothes
Dolls, clothes and crib
Weird blankets for wrapping up dolls and soft toys

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