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Christmas hamper for my sister and niece

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Hatade16 Wed 09-Nov-16 19:29:08

I want to do a good treat hamper for my dsis and dn. Dn is nearly 16.

Just with some chocolate/food in. Mostly from the Lidl deluxe range as it looks lush.

What sort of stuff would you put in?

perditalost Wed 09-Nov-16 19:34:38

Would they like a shared gift?

Food isn't really a gift for most teenagers- is a necessity. Unless they cant afford basics day to day?

Hatade16 Thu 10-Nov-16 05:27:40

It's not their Xmas present, dn is getting money and we don't normal buy adults presents in my family but I quiet like the idea of a hamper so they can sit and watch a film with some yummy food

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