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stocking ideas for 10y dd

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mrsmorningstar Wed 09-Nov-16 13:07:08

she claims to still believe....

I've got a few bits but all very practical, shampoo, shower gel, make up brushes, nail clippers etc....

Does anyone have any ideas of things to go in? Fun stuff??

I put hot chocolate powder, mini marshmallows and a can of squirty cream in the dses' stockings (I wrap the squirty cream and hide it in the salad drawer in the fridge - they never look there grin).

How about some craft stuff - pens, pencils, beads?

A little cuddly toy, maybe - Tesco have little beany toy dogs and cats for not very much.

BiddyPop Wed 09-Nov-16 13:29:41

Is she into crafts? The small consumable bits are very useful to get a few different things - ribbons, nice pencils/markers, rhinestones, nice buttons, different coloured Hama beads etc.

I got DD a tub of silly putty stuff in neon yellow that I think she'll enjoy.

Some small jewellery bits? Or makeup items?

Is she into sports? Need an extra hockey ball (maybe a coloured one) or some mad funky socks or something like that?

We always (even still) get at least 1 book - always a fiction book, sometimes a factual book as well, maybe an annual or Christmas special edition of a favourite magazine etc.

Does she collect any cards/stickers/moshis/Lego people etc? A pack of whatever she is into.

We also always have sweets and fruit in the stocking as well, and I know lots of others who put the portion packs of cereal in there - obviously something that Mum would NEVER allow DCs to eat!

I would also never allow DD to get those awful aliens in a plastic container surrounded by slime - Santa brought 1 to DD 2 years ago, and a baby one arrived last year! Dreadful yokes (I really am not a fan anyway, but play up everytime she asks in the toyshop!).

I will toddle off and see if I can cull some ideas from my monster list (compiled from a US forum a few years ago - where they do stockings even for adults!) and come back in a while....

BiddyPop Wed 09-Nov-16 13:40:01

Chocolate covered coffee beans
Chocolate dipped spoons
Coffee gift card
Candy store candy (put in plastic ornament balls or cellophane bags)
Lottery tickets
Coffee mug
Christmas ornament
Christmas cd
Cozy socks
Book mark
Small game /travel game
Deck of cards
Small lego sets
Gel pens
Art supplies
Word search/fun pads
Poker chips
Video game
Memory card
Music gift card
USB key
Inexpensive kitchen gadgets /tools
Oven mitt (cloth or silicone)
Wooden spoons
Recipe cards
Small cookbook
Holiday shaped/scented soap
Nail/pedicure accessories….nail gems, stickers, buffers etc.
Nail polish
Pumice stone
Eye pads
Facial masks
Foot scrubs
Bath bombs
Bath scrubbers
Soap dish
Bath pillow
Shaving cream/razors
Nice soap/scented body wash
Bottle of cologne/perfume
Shower radio
Car air freshener
Tire gauge
Car cleaning tool/brush
Cleaners/wipes for car
Pocket calendar
Address book
Key chain
Small decorative boxes
Picture frame
Small photo album
Jewlery charms
Jewlery making supplies/string
Small notebooks /notepads/sticky notes
Skateboard stickers
Skateboard/Surfboard wax/gum eraser/grip tape
Can of soda, Monster energy drinks, Gatorade etc.)
Accessories for ipod….skins, earphones, car charger etc.
Sports water bottle
$5 gift card to coffee shop, Target, drugstores, etc. (OK £5!)
Unusual pen or pencil
Scrapbooking glue or supplies
Chocolate coins – they’re still your babies!
Cake decorating tips
Cookie/cake decorating sprinkles
Cookie cutters
Candy molds
Cake stencils
Christmas themed silicone muffin/cupcake pan
Lip gloss
Make up brushes
Cuff links
Puzzle book
Baseball hat or knit hat
Axe Shower gel
Trail mix
Beef Jerky
Protein bars
Can of Pringles – the mini sized ones are cool!
Snack foods
Tiny Bottle of champagne, Christmas beer etc
Gift certificate for flower shop
Magazine of hobby or interest
Guitar strap
Guitar picks
Sheet music
Belt buckle
Tennis balls
Golf items…balls,tees,etc.
Wine accessories/bottle stopper
Soda fizz keeper
Seeds for garden
Garden accessory….garden markers etc.
Flower cutters
Gourmet sauces or spices etc.
Jams and jellies or flavored honey
Bag clips
Silly hat
Party poppers
Gag gift
Giant candy bar
Movie gift certificates
Tickets to sporting event, or other event
Cereal box freebie
Sample items or other freebies
Tools or hardware (picture hangers etc.)
Paint buddy
Home improvement tool
Mini mustard jar
Bottle of beer
Bottle opener
Cheese knife set
Coffee syrups or flavored sugars
Small bag of coffee
Mini liqueur bottle
Candy shot glasses
Cocktail item or tool
Small purse
Laser tag or bowling or cinema voucher
Winter themed boxer shorts
Windshield ice scraper
Hair accessory
Fishing items
Camping items
Marshmallow skewers
Smores kit (in a bag)
Travel coffee mug
Reusable Water bottle
Reusable shopping bag
Christmas scented air freshener
Christmas lights
Snow globe
Make their favorite Christmas cookie or candy
Something to add to persons collection
Christmas pillow case
Mouse pad
Glasses case
Eye glasses cleaning cloth (micro fiber)
Kitchen towels
Napkin rings
Small book of organizing tips
Tool (screwdriver, picture hangers etc.)
Pocket knife
Pop corn seasonings/plain microwave popcorn bags
Silicone basting brushes
Kabob skewers
Accessory to decorate room
Wood letters that spell something or initials
Specialty ice cube trays
Bottled ice coffee
Gingerbread loaf or other Christmas bread
Framed photo
Handwritten letter
Homemade coupons
Any homemade item
Sample Men's After Shave
Flavored Lip Balm
Nail Clipper
Nail Files
Wrapped Tea Bags, Such as Peppermint Tea

mrsmorningstar Wed 09-Nov-16 15:56:29

Thank you, some great ideas.

Now I just need to buy them...

Biddy - that is the most amazing list of stocking fillers!

BiddyPop Wed 09-Nov-16 16:56:26

SDTG - As I said above, it comes from a few different lists of posters on an American Christmas forum, culled one season a few years ago, and I tried a while back to cull it again to remove duplicates. I copied this version from what I posted on a more teenagers/adults thread recently, so its not so much games and jokes but other small items that older folks may enjoy rather than young DCs.

I'd have loved for one of those Ladies to make me a stocking one year! fgrin

Guitargirl Wed 09-Nov-16 20:35:54

I have a 9-year-old DD. In her stocking will be:

Stationery - character notebooks/pens/pencils/erasers/pencil case/Smiggle stuff

Lush bath bomb and bath wand

Christmas-themed bath stuff from the Pound shop

Sweets (including chewing gum, not usually allowed)

Christmas themed glass coke bottle (not usually allowed)

Minecraft magazine

Emoji stuff- lip balm, stickers, notebook

Cuddly toy

Pusheen the cat stuff

Harry Potter bowl and goblet

Harry Potter socks

Initial keyring for her bag from Accessorize

iwantavuvezela Wed 09-Nov-16 23:18:17

Nutella with the personalised name label.

KC225 Thu 10-Nov-16 01:09:07

Tattoo's from Tiger
Neon Flickering wand from Tiger
Magic Towel/bubble bath from Poundshop
Photo frame from M&S
Mini pinball machine from M&S
Jewellery making kit Hobbycraft sale
Stamps and ink pads Hobbycraft sale
White t.shirt and Fabric pens Asda/above
Mirror bunny keyring Primark
Silver horse hairgrips from Amazon
Small lego packet free from Daily Mail

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