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What's your favourite Christmas song?

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PJBanana Tue 08-Nov-16 11:45:38

I've been putting my Christmas playlist together. The cheesier the better grin

I can't decide between Paul McCartney 'Wonderful Christmastime' or The Pogues 'Fairytale of New York'.

RiverTam Tue 08-Nov-16 11:49:28

Pop song - Stay by East 17. Also love Greg Lake's I Believe in Father Christmas

Carol - The Coventry Carol

Sunflower30 Tue 08-Nov-16 11:51:10

'Stop the cavalry' by Jonah Lewie (I think!) and the shakin Stevens one, 'merry Christmas everyone'

TheWayYouLookTonight Tue 08-Nov-16 11:52:24

Fairytale of New York, without a doubt

CinderellaFant Tue 08-Nov-16 11:52:28

Love the pogues! And oh holy night.

shinook123 Tue 08-Nov-16 12:03:19

Fairytale in new york
Last Christmas
I have to admit my favourite Christmas song is the Muppets 'It feels like Christmas '

bloodymaria Tue 08-Nov-16 12:04:38

Elton John's 'step into christmas'. It's track one of my Christmas playlist every year 🎅🏻

ItchyFoot Tue 08-Nov-16 12:08:52

Fairy tale of new York. Also love Santa Baby

RP1234 Tue 08-Nov-16 12:10:09

Twelve days of Christmas..........mainly because none of the buggers are in November.

VanellopeVonSchweetz99 Tue 08-Nov-16 12:16:27

Have yourself a merry little Christmas.
All I want for Christmas is you.
Driving home for Christmas.
When a child is born.

But Fairytale of New York is the best of course.

RiverTam Tue 08-Nov-16 12:21:33

Oh yes, Mariah, of course.

I just don't get the Fairytale love. It's a good enough song but it's probably the one I get the most sick of hearing.

SymphonyofShadows Tue 08-Nov-16 12:29:55

Silent Night by Mahalia Jackson or any of her Christmas songs. I'm not in the least bit religious but her voice is just phenomenal.

StrawberryandCreamPips Tue 08-Nov-16 12:32:10

Fond of Fairytale too but my true fave is Do You Hear What I Hear? by Gladys Knight and the Pips. My daughters sing the backing vocals along with the Pips while I gear up for the big belter with Glad at the end blush

Carols: Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Deck the Halls, Good King Wenceslas and We Three Kings

OliviaStabler Tue 08-Nov-16 12:33:30

Last Christmas by Wham.

BiddyPop Tue 08-Nov-16 12:38:26

See, my ultimate favourite is "Carol of the Bells" done by a good choir.

I love "Driving home for Christmas" (I was talking on the Countdown thread yesterday about getting Tshirts for DH and I with that on the front - for, literally, driving "home" for Christmasfgrin)!

"Last Christmas" - the magical snow ski holiday video!

The Bing Crosby and David Bowie version of "Little Drummer Boy" is magical.

I like some oddball stuff too - I like quite a lot of country Christmas songs, and rock Christmas songs, in the US, a LOT of the mainstream stars have Christmas albums that you never hear over here. Unfortunately, something changed with IP and copyright law in the past year, so all the internet radio stations I used to listen to no longer broadcast over here. Boo!

PJBanana Tue 08-Nov-16 12:53:44

Ooh there's some really good ones on here that I'd completely forgotten about! I love Last Christmas and Driving Home for Christmas! There's a couple on here that I'd never even heard of before too blush

WankersHacksandThieves Tue 08-Nov-16 14:10:48

Probably a strange choice for an Atheist....grin but I do love this one - takes me back to my youth. Siouxsie and the Banshees - Il Est Né le Divin Enfant

NickyEds Tue 08-Nov-16 16:36:39

Got to be The Pogues. I remember doing some Christmas shopping with dp one year and getting very waylaid in a pub with an open fire listening to this song!

Leeds2 Tue 08-Nov-16 19:46:30

Stop The Cavalry by Jonah Lewie.

O Little Town of Bethlehem always makes my hair stand up on end too!

Muddlewitch Tue 08-Nov-16 19:50:54

Love the Pogues and Last Christmas.

I also love 'little donkey' it makes me a bit teary blush

maloryt0wers Tue 08-Nov-16 20:03:16

Shadows, thanks for the link, I've never heard of Mahalia Jackson before but that clip is just beautiful.

SomedayMyPrinceWillCome Tue 08-Nov-16 20:17:09

Pop song - Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses
Carol - Hark The Herald Angels Sing

iklboo Tue 08-Nov-16 20:24:34

For me, it's not Christmas until I hear 'I Believe In Father Christmas' on the radio (had to be radio, not shops).

Oldraver Tue 08-Nov-16 20:52:17

I believe in Father Christmas..Greg Lake is the best

TheHotstepper Wed 09-Nov-16 09:25:48

The waitresses Christmas Wrapping is my favourite. It's not played enough.

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