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2DS for 7 years old DD. Yay or nay?

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ThanksForAllTheFish Tue 08-Nov-16 09:15:11

I've been looking at getting DD a 2DS for Christmas - the new light blue Pokemon one that is due out at end of the month. Are they any good?

I did look at the 3DS but to be honest they are just too expensive and I have a feeling DD would turn of the 3D part pretty quickly (she gets motion sickness) so I can't see the point of the extra cost. I know the 2ds doesn't fold but I don't see it being a problem for us.

DD does play games on the computer (animal jam mainly) and on my old phone but I'm still swithering about buying it. I don't want to waste my money.

She did seem quite keen on a hatchimal until she found out that once it hatches it is just like a furby (she never plays with her furby) so that idea has been scrapped now. I would rather get her something bigger than lots of little things. She only really likes shopkins, num Noms, kitty in my pocket, Twosies etc. So we already have hundreds of little figures scattered around the house so I'd rather not add to it. I did also consider a Wii u but again they are too expensive for my budget this year.

insan1tyscartching Tue 08-Nov-16 09:42:50

Dd loves her ds's and had her first at about age six. She has got the 2ds but prefers the 3dsxl mostly I think because it fits better in her bags. Of course she is 13 now and don't suppose at seven the need to carry a specific bag is an issue. I would say yes, dd has had hours and hours of use from her ds's far more than from her wii u especially probably because it goes in the car/on holiday with her. Dd likes the pokemon, mario and animal crossing games the best.

Dandelionflower Tue 08-Nov-16 12:23:20

My dd wanted a 3DS XL for her 7th birthday, I did quite a bit of research into them. I ended up buying a 3DS. It's not the New 3DS which came out around the time I was buying it. The 3DS is the lightest of them all, my dd doesn't use the 3D part, we both tried, it hurt our eyes. The folding is handy as it's easier to take out and about. The XL is quite heavy for kids, given how you hold it.

Dd uses it for Mario etc, You Tube and I download free demos from the Nintendo shop. I've also bought games very cheaply on Ebay.

The 3DS and XL are backward compatible and play 2DS games too, however the 2DS only plays 2DS games.

There's not much difference between the 3DS and the New 3DS. The New can be used with the Amiibo characters, the old needs and adaptor to use them (I'm looking to buy the adaptor and some characters for dds Christmas)

Have a look for a 3Ds, not a New 3DS, they are much cheaper.

Sorry for the essay, I didn't realise I knew so much about DS'. grin

Kelly281 Tue 08-Nov-16 12:38:02

I've went for the 2ds for my DD (5) this year. I didn't think the 3ds would be worth the extra, as like you I can't see the 3D function being used.

According to the Nintendo website, 3DS games can all be used on a 2DS:

Nintendo 2DS can play all Nintendo 3DS games in 2D, and with an amazing catalogue of Nintendo 3DS games that's growing every month, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Nintendo 2DS is backwards compatible, so you also have the entire library of Nintendo DS games to replay or discover!

Tiggles Tue 08-Nov-16 12:57:04

We have the old foldable 2DSs and the newer 2DS that doesn't fold but can play 3DS games. The boys now 10 and 8 still use both and are quite happy that they aren't 3D (so am I as even secondhand the 2DS games are a lot cheaper...). I'd say great gift for a 7 year old.

LittleReindeerwithcloggson Tue 08-Nov-16 14:55:00

Mine love their DS and they are brilliant for taking in car, on planes, hospital appointments etc. Well worth the money in my opinion

ThanksForAllTheFish Tue 08-Nov-16 15:11:19

Ok you have all convinced me. 2DS for Christmas it is. I actually have quite a few DS games in the house- nintendogs and the like as I had an original DS for myself years ago. It broke when DD was a baby. I'm glad I never got rid of the games now as she can have them.

I did also read about the forwards and backwards compatibility and that's what was selling it to me. If it didn't play 3DS games then I would probably be leaning towards the 3DS.

The one I'm looking at has the new Pokemon moon game pre loaded and comes in a nice light blue which is DDs favourite colour so hopefully she will love it.

SprogletsMum Tue 08-Nov-16 15:14:35

I got the 3ds xl for my ds and he never plays on it 3d because it hurts his eyes. It hurts mine too. I'd definitely save the money and go for the 2ds.

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