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Ordering a real Christmas tree for delivery?

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Gizacwtch Mon 07-Nov-16 13:29:42

Has anyone done this? If so, where did you order?

I'd like a real Christmas tree this year, but don't know if it'll fit in my car. I've seen ads on fb to order online for delivery closer to Christmas, but wondering what the quality will be like ..
I dont think Homebase and the like deliver?

Cheesynightmare Mon 07-Nov-16 18:00:41

Homebase do deliver. What we did last year was go to a local garden centre choose the tree we wanted and brought it home ourselves. if you want garden centre to deliver you will need to go there or place orders before the first weekend on December as delivery is usually fully booked by then.

titchy Mon 07-Nov-16 18:02:24

Check your local guide or scout group. They often sell and deliver Christmas trees as a fundraiser.

Dionysuss Tue 08-Nov-16 13:36:18

Traditionally I get mine from a pop up in-a-pub-carpark place. They'll say what will fit in my car, what won't and will help wedge it in. They are quite bendy and easier to get out than in.

electricflyzapper Tue 08-Nov-16 13:40:04

Not sure why you think it wouldn't fit in your car? If you buy one at a garden centre, they wrap it in netting for you which makes it quite a small and easily manoeuvred item. It then can be put into the back of the car, either across the back seat or standing in the footwell.

I would never buy a tree unseen. So many of them are funny shapes or have too many lower branches, are unsymmetrical, etc. Every year, I pick mine out very carefully.

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