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Nieces and Nephews Presents. HELP!

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Amalfimamma Sun 06-Nov-16 22:43:42

So, on my side I have 22 nieces and nephews from the ages of 18 down to 6 months and on DH side I have 6 nieces aged from 19 to 9

WTF do I get them so that I don't break the bank!? Had NC with my side of the family until last year and I did a Christmas Eve box for each "family" but have no idea what to do or get this year! I will have to order online and get delivered as I won't be home until the new year.

Please help!

NotAMammy Sun 06-Nov-16 23:32:14

We agreed way back when to only do presents for godchildren, not all nieces and nephews as it's ridiculous!
Maybe a 'night in' pack - board game, some sweets/popcorn/chips'n'dips and a couple bottles of wine and shloer for each family?
And an agreement in January about no presents next year?

Jenijena Sun 06-Nov-16 23:37:59

I would get them all a book and possibly a chocolate bar, although even at the book people and with that many, it'll be pricy.

Amalfimamma Sun 06-Nov-16 23:56:42


I think that's what they do at home. But. I'm the black sheep.have no godchildren with my family and am generally seen as the airy fairy aunt who doesn't give a fuck about anyone (not true as my therapy bills and tissue consumption the past 25 years can confirm) I feel like I need to prove myself.

it doesn't matter that I got no birthday presents or wishes for myself or DC, wedding, christening, Christmas, presents don't exist and tbh, I didn't even and don't get a simple happy birthday from them but don't want the to user or loose contact be a useful of adult cuntiness

Amalfimamma Sun 06-Nov-16 23:58:52


Got 3 pack of Christmas dvds per family and a pair of pyjamas and a selection box each last year and didn't even get a bloody "merry christmas" from their parents.

BrieAndChilli Mon 07-Nov-16 00:01:15

What's your budget?

Chocolate selection box/santa each?
Small Lego set each
Xmas pjs

BrieAndChilli Mon 07-Nov-16 00:01:42

Oops xpost!

BusStopBetty Mon 07-Nov-16 00:08:24

Honestly, don't bother. Tell them you've bought a charity goat instead.

AmyC86 Mon 07-Nov-16 01:06:41

Seriously don't bother. For years since being in a relationship with my DH I've had this conversation a thousand times. He is generous and gives gifts to everyone of his family. He never gets even a card in return. Over the years we've managed to dwindle down the never ending list to just immediates rather than the whole hog & you know what! Not one person has missed it!!!

dovesong Mon 07-Nov-16 01:30:35

Another vote for the charity goat. Maybe a chocolate Santa each as well.

Amalfimamma Mon 07-Nov-16 06:38:21

Morning all and thanks for the answers.

What in God's name is a charity goat? Is it an actual Goat? smirks at the idea of giving them a goat that'll shite everywhere and they have to clean it up. Might feed him some dodgy carrots bbeforehand

OrangeSquashTallGlass Mon 07-Nov-16 06:55:46

Are they all the same ages or different ages? You could buy multipacks of books from the book people and split them up so everyone gets a book?

mummytime Mon 07-Nov-16 07:00:55

Why are you bothering to be in contact? They obviously don't care about you or yours. I'd go back to being NC with your side if DH's are better then something for he family group. And lots of people I know have a up to 18 rule.

BusStopBetty Mon 07-Nov-16 07:24:21

Charity goat. They also do a pile of poo.

Amalfimamma Mon 07-Nov-16 08:40:53


You know what. I don't know. At first it was to keep the peace, then it was for DC but seeing as they don't give a fuck damn about dc it's been annoying me since dc2s birth, I spent most of the pregnancy in hospital with high risk pregnancy and I didn't even get a 'congratulations. '

I think I'll just send a selection box each to the kids as it's not their fault. It's the adults fault

monkeymamma Mon 07-Nov-16 09:38:18

I have ten n&n, OP. Adore them all and love to treat them, but Xmas gets expensive doesn't it!

My top tips: chocolate and treats always go down well. Also retro style sweets (marshmallows, dip dabs, flying saucers love hearts etc).

For the older ones, you can get korres shower gel in packs of two on Amazon. Works out at £4 a bottle which is good value and it's a pressie I'd be very happy to get.

Socks plus nail varnish for girls 'for your mistle toes'.

Pens for boys, notebooks, t-shirts are sometimes cheap. Boys are harder though.

Axel Scheffler/Julia donaldson pack from books people is £20 and you get ten books I think. Again they are all pressies that little ones will love.

Set a budget and stick to it is my advice, remember kids like quite simple things, always think about how postable the thing is (don't get to the post office and realise it'll be another £20 to post it...). And keep it equal/fair if you want to avoid family feuds :-)

WankersHacksandThieves Mon 07-Nov-16 11:16:23

I got personalised dressing gowns from Studio 24 for all the kids for £5 a head. they are really nice. I'm adding in a chocolate lolly.

Gizlotsmum Mon 07-Nov-16 11:25:46

The works online do 10 books for £10 quite a selection and age range...

Amalfimamma Mon 07-Nov-16 17:29:57

Thanks all for your answers.

I've decided to go with an Italian treat box for each of the family units and send it to DM who will then give it to each of DBros and DSis so that everyone gets the same things, Christmas treats that aren't available at home and will be a bit "different" from the usual selection box or Quality Street.

I still like the idea of a charity goat it'd be better if it really pooed all over the place but grin

NotAMammy Mon 07-Nov-16 21:01:30

Can I suggest you glitter bomb them rather than send a card too?


BusStopBetty Mon 07-Nov-16 21:09:51

Oh yes, glitter is always a good gift for children whose parents you're not keen on. As is kinetic sand, moon dough (do they still sell that?), or anything involving tiny, tiny beads.

Or tin whistles all round.

Amalfimamma Mon 07-Nov-16 22:27:05

NotAMammy oh Holy Sweet Jesus that is a *fantastic idea. If I can't give them a goat with diarrhea I can glitterbomb the fuckers.

BusStopBetty Tin Whistles are a no go. musical family and we all play a whole range of instruments unfortunately

Amalfimamma Mon 07-Nov-16 22:27:44

well there's karma starting to rear her ugly head with a bold fail. FFS

thatsn0tmyname Mon 07-Nov-16 22:31:19

Have a 'no present' agreement between you and their parents.

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