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Help! Christmas gift ideas for 10 year old boy

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nexttonormal Sun 06-Nov-16 18:46:19

We are really struggling with ideas for presents for our 10 year old! He is Pokemon obsessed but has everything you can imagine related to it and doesn't need any more computer games!

He doesn't know what he wants, apart from Pokemon toys, and we are really stuck. Any ideas would be wonderful - at this rate he will be getting socks and pants!

Turquoisetamborine Sun 06-Nov-16 19:53:56

Books? My almost 9yr old likes the Tom Gates books. He's also asked for some Pop Vinyls, Lego Technics and Hype clothes.

1122christy Tue 08-Nov-16 10:17:44

My almost 9yr old likes Pokemon too, Iv got him a Pokemon guide book. He is also getting different types of modelling clay - air dry, lumi dough and cheaper plasticine, and some tools. He quite likes making models of different Pokemon and five nights at Freddys figures.
Iv also got him a laser pegs box which can make several things. Basically like Lego but lights up.its called laser pegs rocket £6
Iv made him up a hamper with American sweets. He has read willy wonka book and we recently watched all the films so I decided to make him and his sisters a hamper each of wonka stuff. Hampers were £4 from the works, various American candy boxes from poundland, American cereal lucky charms from poundland, DVD, wonka chocolate bar with golden ticket from eBay £4, giant cola bottle from debenhams £6, several rolls of bubblegum from poundland. I think he is gng to love it.
Iv also got him 2 posters that were 2 for £7 from hmv of five nights at Freddys and Pokemon.
New pair of trainers
Batman alarm clock
Minecraft magazine subscription - first 3 issues are £1 then £20 for 6 months, I got this for him last year and he asked for it again.
From relatives - Lego technic getaway car, Pokemon trading cards collection box, Xbox game, new Danny Wallace books (he wrote yes man etc but now writing for kids, reviews are good).
Hope any of that helps

nexttonormal Tue 08-Nov-16 19:13:51

Thanks both!

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