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Nintendo classic Mini Console

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happymummy2010 Sun 06-Nov-16 18:00:59

I believe the Nintendo Classic mini console is due for release on 11th Nov, but I can't seem to pre order one anywhere as there doesn't seem to be any stock availability.

Has anyone had any luck pre ordering one and if so where from ? My ds wants to buy one for his dad.

eyebrowsonfleek Sun 06-Nov-16 20:07:08

I ordered mine (including a spare controller) from Game

eyebrowsonfleek Sun 06-Nov-16 20:13:59

I just did a google and see that it is sold out for pre-order. I'd wait until release day and see if there's any extra stock available. I suspect that many will go onto Ebay at a premium. angry

Catanddogmake6 Sun 06-Nov-16 20:24:45

Back in September the only places that still had it were Nintendo and Argos. I know Nintendo subsequently sold out but not sure what position is with Argos. Sorry no idea if extra stock is coming. Look at Nintendo's website at one point they were allowing a delayed pre order but even that might have gone. Think they underestimated or overhyped demand. The only good thing is DH bought it for his best friend and it's fairly unlikely anyone else will have got hold of one.

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