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Naice non-alcoholic drink and best mulled wine?

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NotAMammy Sun 06-Nov-16 13:48:56

I've mentioned before that I'm doing up hampers for PIL and DM. PIL don't drink so want to get a bottle of a nice, preferably festive drink. Can you get non-alcoholic mulled wine? Or some spiced apple juice or something?
Also, any suggestions of a decent bottle of mulled wine or is always best to just get the spices and add to wine yourself?

Spam88 Sun 06-Nov-16 15:00:35

Rochester do a Mulled Fruit Punch that's non-alcoholic. I've only ever seen these in Kent, but the internet leads me to believe that Holland & Barrett sells it.

And personally I've always found the bottled mulled wines nicer than mulling my own (you have to add so much more sugar than you'd think to normal wine), Lidl do a really nice one.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 06-Nov-16 15:36:03


My DParents don't drink, neither do I.
DH,DBro and DSiL drink beer or white wine.

I bought some Belvoir Mulled Wine (warmed through then added apple,orange slices and served in a snazzy punchbowl fgrin ) it was "OK" but I wouldn't rush to drink it again.
We had mince pies 'n' the mulled 'wine' so it was more a 'because its Christmas' thing.

Soft drinks:
Fentimans Ginger Beer with a dash of Roses Lime
Cawood cloudy apple
Cawood Rhubarb and something

I might go and search something like spiced appled , maybe cloudy apple to make a Non Alcoholic Cider Type ?

ChickyDuck Sun 06-Nov-16 15:43:56

Bottlegreen do a gorgeous spiced plum cordial. Made up with hot water it is mulled wine ish! Pretty shaped bottles too.

NotAMammy Sun 06-Nov-16 16:58:55

Thanks all. I think the Christmas markets are due soon so will be having a nosy there too. I think I'll get a bottle of the lindisfarne spiced mead from there and some of the lidl mulled wine for our house. I've never heard of most of the brands mentioned so I'll do a little research.

notagiraffe Sun 06-Nov-16 17:00:59

Anything by Fentimans is pretty good - they do lovely Rose scented lemonade (suits people who love Turkish delight) and ginger beer. Sparkling elderflower is always good in place of champagne.

Myheartisbeating Sun 06-Nov-16 17:03:13

Ikea do a spiced apple drink and a mulled 'wine'. Not had the mulled wine but the apple one is good.

Bababing1 Sun 06-Nov-16 18:44:25

I tried the non alcoholic mulled wine in ikea last weekend, they had samples to try. Delicious and only £1.75 a bottle 😀. They also had an apple one but didn't try that.

KC225 Wed 09-Nov-16 09:10:14

Have you thought about Seedlip. It's a posh (not Cheap) distilled non alcoholic spirit. Sold in Selfridges. It was created by a non drinker who always felt he was having a half a drink.

InNeedOfABrew Wed 09-Nov-16 11:58:43

Ribena are doing a limited edition winter spice ribena and its gorgeous. Not seen it in the shops yet but DH brought some home from work and its lovely. No-one else is allowed it in this house as I've laid claim. It's very mulled wine like.

Oldraver Wed 09-Nov-16 12:14:42

I've recently discovered Ashridge Organic Sparkling Apple Juice..Its an amazing flavour.

Its been difficult finding it but we got a case from Vintage Roots. It worked out at £1.80 a bottle as postage is steep

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