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What colours suit red heads??

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Mammyofonlyone Sun 06-Nov-16 09:02:31

My God daughter has moved abroad with her family and I'm planning on sending something to wear with the presents this year as it's a struggle to get the British brands they used to like. She is a real red head and I'm not sure what colours will suit. In my eyes I know she would look beautiful in anything but I am biased. Are there any basic rules for red heads? I was wondering about the attached dress but not sure which colour option ?

grafia123 Sun 06-Nov-16 09:10:24

You are right she will look beautiful in any colour. That is a gorgeous dress and any of the colours would be good. My son has red hair and he looks great in bright colours especially green and most surprisingly red. I thought red would clash with his hair but I think he looks great in red though green is my favourite. I like bright strong colours on him, they seem to be best because he has really or skin.

I am not sure if there are any basic rules for red heads. I think any colours are ok.

BusterGonad Sun 06-Nov-16 09:11:58

I have a red head friend who loves dark green and purple.

grafia123 Sun 06-Nov-16 09:12:46

Sorry, that should say my son has really pale skin.

Mrscog Sun 06-Nov-16 09:16:31

I think that dress would look ace. The only thing I'd steer clear of is pinks - esp Barbie style pinks. They can be tricky to pull off. (Speaking as s redhead myself)

Scentofwater Sun 06-Nov-16 09:49:53

I'm a redhead. I'd say nearly everything except some pinks and some oranges should be ok. The dress looks lovely.

Best colours I've found are greys, greens, turquoise, Autumn/burnt oranges, jewel colours.

Barbie pink and Dutch orange are awful in big chunks but ok on their own. Beige and pale browns can wash out pale skin.

Mammyofonlyone Sun 06-Nov-16 10:19:03

Great, thanks for your advice. I'll get it ordered and on it's way over the Atlantic! Have a good day everyone x

ShmooBooMoo Sun 06-Nov-16 11:32:39

I like that. Did you see this, though? These wash and wear so well!

Mammyofonlyone Sun 06-Nov-16 13:51:13

Thanks Shmoo, I've just ordered it!

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