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Christmas buffet ideas please.

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IHaveAToiletBrush Fri 04-Nov-16 10:02:12

I have decided to not cook a traditional Christmas dinner this year but to have a buffet instead, as I feel I miss out due to being in the kitchen all mirning. We are a family of 5, 2 adults and 3 dc. The dc are not fussy 1 doesn't like cream cheese and all 3 aren't keen on chocolate spread.
So far on my list I have:-
Pigs in blankets
Salad/veg sticks
Potato salad
Mini cheddars
Southern fried chicken drumsticks
M&S chicken nuggets
Mini pizzas
Cheese cake
Chocolate log
Mince pies

What else would you have or remove? I will be shopping mainly at normal supermarket but getting some bits from M&S. Thanks

IHaveBrilloHair Fri 04-Nov-16 10:05:08

A big pork pie
Lots and lots of cheese

IHaveAToiletBrush Fri 04-Nov-16 10:08:39

Great ideas added them to the list thank you.

alwayshappy101 Fri 04-Nov-16 10:15:04

For buffets we normally have some cold hams,dips and breadsticks,m&s cheese twists,Ritz crackers,cheeseboard with grapes,mini sausage rolls etc.

I think it's a nice idea what you are's not nice missing out playing with the dc's Christmas morning because too busy cooking.

And I'm sure the dc's will probably enjoy a nice buffet rather than a formal sit down.....

I may try this next year.

alwayshappy101 Fri 04-Nov-16 10:16:23

*it's NOT nice missing out playing with the dc's.

PurpleDaisies Fri 04-Nov-16 10:18:41

I'd do a ham in the slow cooker and add some really nice bread.

IHaveAToiletBrush Fri 04-Nov-16 10:22:34

Thank you great ideas so far. I was thinking fresh bread but not sure how fresh it would be as I would have to get it on xmas eve. I can't believe I forgot ham and sausage rolls!

ShowMeTheElf Fri 04-Nov-16 10:23:10

That's a heck of a lot of food for 5 people! Is it for one meal or an all day 'pick what and when you fancy' type thing?
If for one meal I'd suggest you ask each member of your family for one suggestion: the favourite thing you'd like to eat on Christmas day, and include those with some crisps and salady bits.

PurpleDaisies Fri 04-Nov-16 10:24:05

I'm sure bread would be fine a day later-stick it in the oven for ten minutes and it'll be delicious.

Mymouthgetsmeintrouble Fri 04-Nov-16 10:30:03

I make homemade fried dumplings with sweet chilli dipping sauce

IHaveAToiletBrush Fri 04-Nov-16 10:32:09

Good tip about bread thanks. It is a help yourself all day type of thing so lunch and tea really.

IHaveBrilloHair Fri 04-Nov-16 13:21:05

I always have this type of stuff in the fridge at Christmas, it's great for everyone to be able to help themselves whenever they're hungry, and things like the cheeses can be used in a mac and cheese, meat chopped up for stir fry/fried rice etc.

Leeds2 Fri 04-Nov-16 16:37:57

Crisps and dips.

Scotch eggs.

Slices of quiche.

Bowl of cherry tomatoes.

GerrardWinstanley Fri 04-Nov-16 18:42:18

For the same reasons, I do the full Christmas roast dinner at 5ish on Christmas Eve and then a buffet on Christmas Day. You can buy part baked bread or rolls in most of the supermarkets and just put it in the oven for 10-20 minutes beforehand for that lovely fresh baked bread taste. You'll find baguettes and rolls pretty easily but I think I've only ever seen a full loaf thingy in Sainsburys. Don't underestimate how much faffing and time a cold buffet takes though. Something like a roast crackling pork with chips, peas and gravy is probably the least work option.

I am now very hungrysad

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