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Ideas for those hard-to-buy-for granny's and grandads

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Inthenick Wed 02-Nov-16 10:12:32

Does anyone have any great ideas for my parents or the in-laws? I can't possibly give another photobook or framed picture of the grandkids....

Was thinking of a piece of original art from

Maybe a voucher for a nice restaurant

And now I'm drawing a blank. I bought the two grannies a global knife each last year. Scarfs for the grandads.

PinotAndPlaydough Wed 02-Nov-16 10:18:25

I have got 12 plain tote bags (only £5ish on Amazon for the lot) am going to let the children decorate them with sharpies and fabric pens and then put some nice biscuits and sweets in them.

blueistheonlycolourwefeel Wed 02-Nov-16 10:20:37

I pick up nice jams and chutneys etc and make a hamper.

BeaLola Wed 02-Nov-16 22:06:25

What is yr approx budget ?

Could it be something that they do with your children (but not you and your DH)

What are they like eg young and energetic grandparents, Howard &child a types etc etc

BeaLola Wed 02-Nov-16 22:07:31

Oops meant to type Howard & Hilda types ( Characters in Ever Dereasing Circles)

thiswayplease Wed 02-Nov-16 22:10:23

How about one of these?

I got similar ones last year and they were well received.

Nzou1050 Wed 02-Nov-16 22:21:37

I've got mine an afternoon tea voucher at a posh hotel as I don't think they'd treat themselves.

GerrardWinstanley Wed 02-Nov-16 22:28:03

Restaurant or theatre vouchers have been a hit here.

Would they like a food or drink subscription? Nice gloves or scarves/wraps for the grandmas. In my experience grandads are still 12yo boys at heart so maybe a woodkit or some sugru

Something like this memory book is lovely too.

GlowWine Wed 02-Nov-16 22:34:57

I'm always giving away a selection of jams and chutneys or other treats. We have also done the fabric tote bags decorated with fabric pens and they were a massive hit! This year my 9 year old will be making simple doorstops by sewing pyramid type bags, as she's just started using the sewing machine.
Depending on your budget, their location and interest a NT annual membership might be an idea? Mine are keen gardeners and love travelling to stately homes with grand gardens so it was perfect.

notagiraffe Wed 02-Nov-16 22:38:06

Mine love sensible presents like new PJs and nighties, gardening tools and scarves. Also food presents or good quality bubble baths.

Chottie Thu 03-Nov-16 05:03:11

I'm a grandparent and I can assure you that key rings and calendars with picture of DGCs on them are fab. I keep the calendar on my work desk and it really starts every work day with a smile for me. The key ring is in my bag and used all the time.

I also have a mug with DGC pictures on it. Can you tell I just love being a GP?

TBH, DP and I are very happy with a small token at Christmas, we know how much rent and childcare cost and would hate our DCs to be over stretched financially.

However, if money is not a problem, I would really suggest an experience as everyone I know in my age group is trying to declutter and does not really want more stuff. So maybe theatre or cinema vouchers, NT or similar membership.

sashh Thu 03-Nov-16 05:58:54

For my dad I have got pits and pieces of 'technology' - a pen with a camera in and a USB microscope went down well. A projector for his phone. I realise not all grandparents have computers/smart phones but don't think people don't like tech jus because they are older.

When my mum was still around she used to sleep with the radio on under her pillow so I got a pillow with a built in speaker.

I also got them an afternoon tea voucher as they used to go out for a drive to the lakes or dales and they used it in the summer after a day out.

He went to my brother's for Xmas last year, my brothers kids are now over 18 so as a family they got a case of wine delivered.

AmyAmoeba Thu 03-Nov-16 06:57:50

Watching with interest as my lot are impossible: they already have everything they want and need, can afford much better versions of anything we can buy, never bother to use vouchers, don't appreciate photos of the grandchildren that aren't "professional" and are a bit sniffy about the cost of things.

Chottie can we adopt you?

Chocolatecake12 Fri 04-Nov-16 20:29:35

I bought my parents cinema vouchers last year. They were thrilled as they love a good film!!
I think they used it a couple of times before the value ran out!

Willow2016 Fri 04-Nov-16 23:17:38

I have an older relative who really doesnt need anything else for presents, not ornaments, not food (she bakes every couple of days!) has loads of photos of her gc, ggc and other relaitves already, doesnt do tech except her phone for everything, doesnt watch dvds etc. She has a pretty good social life going out regularly etc but she loves to feed the birds in her garden and sit by the window when she has time to spare and watch them, she gets quite a variety in her garden. She spends a fortune on bird seeds of every kind, fat balls etc. So one year we got a 'trug' and filled it with everything she usually buys and then some! Just got a couple of things a week in the lead up to Xmas (n B& M or home bargains where its much cheaper than garden centre) She absolutely loved it and was still using it in March. She told everyone about it as it was giving her so much pleasure smile Maybe thats an option?

boilingkettle Fri 04-Nov-16 23:28:55

A few years ago I got my Dad a personalised bottle of Grouse whiskey, which went down v well! Got it done through their website, so other brands may do that too if he's not a whiskey drinker. Most year's I really struggle to buy for him as he has everything he needs, and doesn't really want much. He's usually happy with socks, a book and some chocolate gingers!
DH's dad is getting an aeropress and some nice coffee this year.
My mum and DH's mum like similar things, and love stuff that the kids have done, so mum will be getting a chopping board personalised with a drawing and writing done by DD, and some nice soaps and a pair of short welly boots. DH's mum a lovely warm pair of pyjamas and some scented candles. Haven't decided about DH's step mum yet...
What about nice fleeces or wellies? Or a nice Christmassy throw to keep them warm on the sofa? Or if they like gardening, some bulbs to plant for spring?
We have to buy for a 95 year old Great Nanny too. She is impossible!

wombattoo Fri 04-Nov-16 23:30:34

I am a fairly young grandma. Not popular, but I wouldn't like pictures of DGD as a present. I have loads of pictures. Jams and chutney? Why? I don't eat either of these and if I did, I would buy them with my weekly shopping.
I am very boring and like toiletries or a nice candle. The cinema tickets or a voucher for tea somewhere would be lovely.

ridingsixwhitehorses Fri 04-Nov-16 23:37:49

I often buy my mum books in areas that interest her. Her tastes are eclectic - film, music, travel. And the kids buy her (as in I buy for them to give her) a nice kids book to keep at her house to read with them which goes down well. Also costume jewellery. And silly stationery eg pens that look like dogs etc.

My dad is getting ascent of man bookends this year from NHM shop. Is an amazing shop.

FreeButtonBee Sat 05-Nov-16 07:40:40

Uniqlo down gilets. Seriously. They never take them off (DDad and both PIL).

Chottie Sat 05-Nov-16 11:52:13

Thank you AmyA flowers

Joinourclub Sat 05-Nov-16 12:04:50

Garden stuff? There is bound to be a Rose that shares a grandchilds name. We got a retired techy grandfather a weather station which he loves. Calendars always go down well. Subscriptions to magazines.

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