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Bike vs scooter

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Soubriquet Wed 02-Nov-16 08:37:54

For a good month now, 3 year old dd has been adamant she wants a bike

More specifically a frozen bike, with a basket, a seat for her dolly and a bell.

Found the exact one she wants and was all ready to order it on Monday.

However hmm

She's been seeing scooters on the tv and now says she wants a scooter

I've asked her if she wants the bike or the scooter and she says scooter

The scooter is cheaper, but I don't want to get her it and then her wish she had the bike instead.

Bearing in mind I got her a toddler peppa pig scooter last year, which would you go for?

A bike or a scooter

mrsm12 Wed 02-Nov-16 09:37:42

Not much help but my ds has a scooter and a balance bike, he gets bored on the scooter after a few minutes, hes getting a proper bike this year

gigglingHyena Wed 02-Nov-16 10:36:37

For us at that age the scooter was used more on a day to day basis. She'd ride pretty to preschool/shops/park or whatever. Also much easier for me to stick in the buggy when she was bored with it.

It wasn't till 5 or 6 she was really able to ride the bike reliably enough to use it to get anywhere, before that it was more a specific trip to the park to ride it round.

Perhaps a scooter now and think about a 2nd hand bike later and add some frozen accessories

FreeButtonBee Wed 02-Nov-16 11:36:54

I have 3yo twins. Both are heavily used here (and cluttering up my hall angry) - I really recommend balance bikes (we have puky ones) and Minimicro scooters. They are light, sturdy and easy to use even for my weakling DTD. If I were to have only one, then the scooter would win out. Get streamers for the handles and a scooter basket oh and scooters gloves/mittens! These were the best buy of the winter already and we've only had them a week. Aforementioned DTD is much happier to scoot now with her hands in the fleecy lining. They can be taken apart to fit in the boot (or a suitcase!). Honestly my twins scoot miles and miles in a week.

KingLooieCatz Wed 02-Nov-16 13:20:30

Did she use last year's scooter much? Any reason she can't carry on using it, get the bike and if the scooter gets used but gets too small or is in some other way no longer suitable, THEN get her a scooter.

I wouldn't be ditching the Frozen bike for a scooter when she only got one last year, unless she did use it but has outgrown it.

Soubriquet Wed 02-Nov-16 13:28:33

She's probably outgrown it to be entirely honest and no she didn't really use it but she's a year older now

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