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Kindle Fire for 8yo?

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CoffeeChocolateWine Wed 02-Nov-16 00:30:41

Wondering if someone could educate me on Kindle Fire? I'm playing with the idea of getting my 8yo one for Christmas but really don't know much about them. All I know is that he hogs the ipad at weekends and I'd quite like it back!

So I'd like him to be able to play games, listen to music and read books on it and a few other things.Would people recommend Kindle Fire for this? And which one is best for an 8 year old? I had a brief browse on Amazon and I saw there is a Kindle Fire for kids which has a 'kid proof case' which makes it look a bit young for an 8yo, but in terms of parental features, kid-friendly stuff, would this one still be my best bet for him? Or is there one up from that that maybe looks a bit more grown up but still has the safety features?

Or is there another device I should be considering for him? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Makemineacabsauv Wed 02-Nov-16 01:05:45

Don't get the kids one, get the normal one and he'll get far more use out of it over the years. My 2 still use theirs and they are 13 and 14.,

Brokenbiscuit Wed 02-Nov-16 01:15:32

I wouldn't want dd reading on a kindle fire - the paperwhite is much better for that purpose. The kindle fire may be ok as a basic tablet.

CoffeeChocolateWine Wed 02-Nov-16 01:18:04

Thanks. So does the normal one still have the same parental controls? And can you also set screen time limits?

MapMyMum Wed 02-Nov-16 10:49:24

With the kids one you get 2 years no quibble warranty which I think is worth it.

FiveGoMadInDorset Wed 02-Nov-16 10:50:57

Yes you can set screen time and it has parental controls, my two have one as well

AndNowItsSeven Wed 02-Nov-16 10:57:14

The kids one and the regular one are exactly the same tablet. The difference is with the kids one you get one subscription to kids unlimited( lots of games, books, tv programs) two years free replacement even if the damage is your own fault and a case worth £20.

AndNowItsSeven Wed 02-Nov-16 10:58:19

Don't buy either now though wait until Black Friday and buy from John Lewis.

KC225 Wed 02-Nov-16 11:46:16

Have said about 3 times on this thread, bought my twind kindles - the cheap ones last year 49.99 for their 9th birthday. They can download loads of games but it is monitored via my account. I have put child lock settings on it but they can watch minecraft videos (DAN TDM) etc. All of the games they have downloaded are free.

When my DS smashed the screen but denied all knowledge of how it happened they replaced the kindle free of charge and switched all his downloads onto the new machine.

Lovemusic33 Wed 02-Nov-16 11:51:41

I'm waiting for Black Friday for these too, I need to buy tablets for a 5 year old ( thinking the kids fire ), 9 year old and my almost 13 year old, not sure what's best for the 9 year old? I'm waiting to see if there are any iPad offers for my almost 13 year old as I know it will last her and she will look after it, she has had the Tesco's hudl for a few years which has lasted her well.

Heavenscent86 Wed 02-Nov-16 11:55:11

When is Black Friday? I am looking to get one of these too.

AndNowItsSeven Wed 02-Nov-16 12:57:32

25th November, last year basic kindles were £35.

Heavenscent86 Wed 02-Nov-16 13:57:28

Brilliant thanks. I'll keep my eye out on that day.

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