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12yo ds and 10yo dd

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KnitMeAUnicorn Mon 31-Oct-16 06:39:03

I've got them quite a few little extras but am drawing a blank at main presents for these two–any ideas? NOT of a gaming/electronic nature though, thanks! Ds is v sporty, also loves books and dd a bit musical, not v sporty but also loves reading.

I've set myself a deadline in November this year so would love to get all the buying done and dusted! Thanks!

notagiraffe Mon 31-Oct-16 16:36:29

Would DD like a guitar and book of easy chord versions of songs she likes?

DS - new bike/skateboard/ripstik (jointed skateboard)
or new season kit for his favourite team?

KnitMeAUnicorn Tue 01-Nov-16 07:44:51

Aw, thanks for your reply, not. DD already has a guitar, in fact! A skateboard ... hm, that might be a possibility for DS, yep. He's a very low-key dresser, though, and wouldn't want to go out advertising a team (sorry, no way you could have known that!). Thank you for the suggestions thanks

missyB1 Tue 01-Nov-16 07:48:52

Membership to a new sport/lessons for your ds?

Singing /dance lessons for your dd?

Clickclickclick Tue 01-Nov-16 10:41:17

I'm getting ds 12 an instant camera, probably a fujifilm instax type. He's a digital generation kid so I think watching actual photos develop will be fun and he'll enjoy taking pics with his friends (instead of instagram and smart phones).

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