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Frozen doll for 4 year old

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herecomesthsun Mon 31-Oct-16 03:36:52

DD has now decided she wants a Frozen doll. There seems a huge choice, probably poor quality, which ones would be good? They seem either a bit cheap and cheerful (7.49 from Toys R Us) or a good bit more expensive (£35 for a set but not sure if they would be worth the extra)

I was wondering about getting a Gotz Hannah, but it might be a waste if she doesn't really want one, I suppose I could get a blue dress off Ebay?

GruffaloPants Mon 31-Oct-16 04:26:42

The Disney store soft dolls are really lovely and not too expensive (about £14).

fraggle84 Mon 31-Oct-16 10:20:50

B&m are selling the singing snow glow Elsa for £19.99

herecomesthsun Mon 31-Oct-16 18:06:48

I think DH (SAHD) might struggle to cope with a singing, glowing Elsa smile. We tend to avoid the noise making toys if possible. It might be quite funny to see his pained expression first off, but I don't think I have the heart.

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