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Do you decorate your desk?

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NotAMammy Sun 30-Oct-16 21:26:30

I've got an office to myself for the first time this year (I'm not a big-wig, just the way building is laid out in new job) and I want to decorate it.
I don't think there are any decorations left by my predecessor and I don't want to spend much. I'm planning on getting some lights to throw about the place and maybe make some shapes on the noticeboard with. I've found some printables so I'll maybe print one or two out. I won't have room for a christmas tree. Maybe some tinsel or fake greenery for the windowsill.
I plan on putting it up on the 1st December and being relentless in my good cheer.

Any other suggestions? What do you do?

anyoldname76 Sun 30-Oct-16 22:49:15

nothing at my current workplace, they have a tree in the reception but nothing is allowed on desks. i once took a photo of my dc in and the next day it had been put in my drawer

HairsprayBabe Mon 31-Oct-16 09:37:48

I have a brown tinsel tree about a foot tall that sits on my desk, 1st of December tinsel on everything, but we have a box of ugly old decorations that gets wheeled out every year.

I might buy a new little tree from paper chase they always have cute desk sized things that can go up.

MyPatronusIsABadger Mon 31-Oct-16 11:46:41

I out tinsel on my notice board and then in the corners of the ceiling to the middle and a big paper pom pom thing in the middle.
I also out tinsel or stickers in the window.
It's all mine but from dot com gift shop for a couple of pounds, I don't decorate home like this!
(My office is only slightly larger than a broom cupboard but at least I've got a nice big window!)

Xmasfairy86 Mon 31-Oct-16 14:41:23

We have stashes of xmas decs that come out early December. We sometimes have a comp for best decked bank of desks. Sometimes I might splash out on pound shop festive delights!

LilMissVixen Tue 01-Nov-16 18:54:26

When I first started at my workplace I worked in a smallish shared office with 7 others.

We had a small tree in the office and a tiny little tree decoration on each of our desks. And everyone had a garland of tinsel around their monitor.

Gradually over the years I've been there all the other 7 people have been made redundant or left. I'm now the only person i my team left, but work in a large open plan office (100ish people). I have inherited the tree, the 8 small trees and the 8 tinsel garlands. So come Christmas my desk looks like a grotto now!

Ceaser1981 Tue 01-Nov-16 19:31:35

I got a nice tree from poundland about a foot tall, we also have a team tree and always put up some tinsel etc. We make paper snowflakes to pin up too

OverAndAbove Wed 02-Nov-16 05:08:09

I like to have a clear(ish) desk but I do take a Christmas mug in for my coffee and get a warm glow when I use it.

I also have a string of virtual lights for my PC screen. I'll have to check whether they still work as our software has all been "refreshed"...

Perfectlypurple Wed 02-Nov-16 05:32:11

I don't even decorate my house some years so won't be decorating my desk. Our office will be decorated by others though - just not the desks.

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