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Subscriptions boxes? Toucanbox, Mr Maker?

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SpanielFace Sun 30-Oct-16 11:39:47

Has anyone had any of these subscription boxes that you see advertised, eg Mr Maker, toucan box etc? If so, are they any good? DS1 is 4 and wondering if he would like it, as a present idea for grandparents.

CarrotVan Sun 30-Oct-16 11:45:57

I think Weekend Box is better than Toucan/Mister Maker - we have both at the moment and the Mister Maker is basically gluing and sticking. The Weekend Box has a range of activities like cooking, gardening, arts/crafts...

DS1 is 3.5 and likes his box of things to do.

SpanielFace Sun 30-Oct-16 11:50:21

I've not seen that one - it looks good. When they say baking/gardening, does it include literally everything you need (except fresh things like milk/eggs?). Just so I know what to expect!

d270r0 Sun 30-Oct-16 12:10:37

There are free trials of all 3 going round, so why not grab one of each now then cancel straight after to see which you like the best?

I have had a free trial of both the toucan box and weekend box.

I really liked the toucan box, it was a 1 activity box ( you pay more for more activities) but I really liked the activity. It was a little cardboard gingerbread house to make, pieces to detach then glitterglue and bits to decorate it. I thought it was lovely... worth the value? Probably not for £4ish when you consider you could buy a whole load of craft bits for that.

The weekend box trial was a big one with 4 activities inside.
Activity 1 (the 'main one') was bits of paper, glue and crayons to make a parrot mask.
Activity 2 was a paper plate and a tiny bit of dried paint and 2 googly eyes to make a snake (I used my own paint instead)
Activity 3 was a few oats and raisins, and use your own banana to make 5 small cookies
Activity 4 was dried out soil and a few basil seeds and piece of string, use your own bottle to make a 'rainforest'

My ds enjoyed all the activities, they are good for ideas and easy to do but I didn't feel they included much and as such weren't good value for money, so stopped them. The 4 activity weekend box is £7.50 normally, you could buy tons of craft stuff every month for that.

CarrotVan Sun 30-Oct-16 18:10:53

We've had the same weekend box described above and DS loved it. He's checking on his seeds every day. You are definitely paying for the ideas and a variety of activities. You could use the idea cards again and adapt them

Toucan box do the Mister Maker boxes and they include everything including glue sticks etc but it's very art based. Not sure about Toucan box own brand

fredsbox Sat 14-Jan-17 15:27:01

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