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Peppa Pig toy recommendations

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ja9r Sat 29-Oct-16 23:31:37

My almost 3 yo is into Peppa. Her older two siblings were not. We have no peppa toys in the house. I don't want lots but want her to get something for Xmas. What are the best peppa toys out there in your opinion?

ja9r Sun 30-Oct-16 07:01:43

a bump for the early morning peppa pig watchers!

blueistheonlycolourwefeel Sun 30-Oct-16 07:02:51

I've got a bag of Peppa figures and the funfair you can have? smile

TheEagle Sun 30-Oct-16 07:05:02

Don't get the school; everyone here kept standing on the tables and they've all broken.

They do some nice Peppa Duplo-style sets now - My 3.1 yo loves his few Peppa bits and they all fit in to ordinary Duplo sets.

Fannyfannakerpants Sun 30-Oct-16 07:05:18

We got my daughter a bundle of second hand figures and playsets for her birthday. She loves them. And books. I think asda had got some good deals on the play sets of you want them new.

Ilovenannyplum Sun 30-Oct-16 07:07:02

My DS absolutely loves all of the play sets and the figures. He's 2.3.

I would recommend, miss rabbits plane, the camper van and daddy pigs car and Peppas house that folds out.
If you aren't fussed about second hand, look on Facebook selling sites, you can pick up bits quiet cheap as in my opinion, the new stuff is pretty pricey for what it is.

Smyths toy shops usually have the sets cheaper if there is one by you?

Groovester Sun 30-Oct-16 07:07:58

B+M best place for Peppa sets re: price that I've seen. To be honest, the play sets aren't great quality; they can break easily and figures don't fit in great or stand up easily (they have thin legs!)

TooTweeOrNotTooTwee Sun 30-Oct-16 07:09:10

My DC love the funfair with Ferris wheel and slide. Also the grandpa pig boat bath toy.

wobblywonderwoman Sun 30-Oct-16 07:10:14

We have the little figures and the tree house - they love the tree house.

Emberfirefly Sun 30-Oct-16 07:13:19

My nearly two year old ds is obsessed with Peppa. We have Grandparents pigs train and two cars at the moment but he is getting the aeroplane and Miss Rabbits train for his birthday. The cheapest price we found was on Amazon.

NerrSnerr Sun 30-Oct-16 07:13:51

We have the camper van, the rocket (it makes noises and is annoying) and a number of different fairytail things. I pick them up in the charity shops, they seem to be around quite often.

Cosmicglitterghoul Sun 30-Oct-16 07:31:28

Not the carriage with horses! Keeps falling apart.

ja9r Sun 30-Oct-16 07:36:41

Thanks all. Duplo compatible things are a good recommendation.

Of the construction sets which have worked for you?

MammaGnomes Sun 30-Oct-16 08:08:57

Was going to suggest the construction sets.

We have the school and she is having the swing and slide for Xmas.
I'm also asking grandparents and aunties/uncles to get construction sets for her. I love that it works with duplo and doesn't take up any room

TheEagle Sun 30-Oct-16 13:11:07

We have this little house scene but I think you can get some more elaborate ones in Smyths.

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