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Festive dinner service!

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BlackDoglet Sat 29-Oct-16 17:19:52

Any ideas where I can get a reasonably priced Christmas dinner service with 6-8 place settings?
There are a couple on eBay but can't justify the prices!
Matalan did some lovely plates last year but this year, they're not suitable for food (!) just decoration.
There are these in Argos but would need two sets to get enough plates.
Would love to get something special for the table.

nannyj Sat 29-Oct-16 17:21:04

Have you looked in Sainsbury's. I'm always impressed with their home section.

MistressMerryWeather Sat 29-Oct-16 17:59:50

I thought this was lovely but the blue isn't for everyone.

smEGGtoplasm Sat 29-Oct-16 18:04:49

I like this one from Next. They do glasses to match.

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