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Presents for an almost four year old girl

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instantly Sat 29-Oct-16 08:17:41

DD is Disney Princess and Barbie OBSESSED.

She is desperate for a Barbie Dream house - is it worth the money? Is the Malibu house or another better value?

I'm also looking at the Lego Disney palaces - Ariel/belle/Rapunzel tower. Are they too fiddly? She's quite dexterous but gets frustrated.

Aside from that I'm a bit lost for inspiration. We're also doing to Disney Paris the week before Christmas so tbh that will be a large part of her present.

Do you have any recommendations/what are you getting yours?


DeleteOrDecay Sat 29-Oct-16 11:10:56

My dd has just turned 4. So far we've bought her some Lego duplo and kinetic sand for Christmas.

I think actual Lego might be a bit too fiddly at that age, it would be for my dd anyway. You can buy Sophia the First Duplo sets. Would that be an option?

Kinetic sand is fun too. Dd got some for her birthday and she likes it so much that we're getting her some more for Christmas.

I'll be keeping an eye on this thread as my dd sounds similar to yours and apart from the above I'm stumped!

Moxiechick Sat 29-Oct-16 12:15:09

I've bought my dd who'll be 3 and a half at Christmas some of the Disney princess Lego. She had two sets for her birthday and loved them.
Obviously she couldn't follow the instructions and build the models independently. But she sat with me, finding the pieces we needed next and helped me put them together. She really enjoyed the fact that it was something we were doing together and so did I!
Now she uses those pieces alongside a box of Lego blocks and attempts to build other things and plays with the figures.
I'm a big Lego fan so often join her in playing grin

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