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Hatade16 Fri 28-Oct-16 15:03:41

I'm stressed!! Due to having dc3 14 weeks ago I'm so far behind Xmas shopping. This is what I have so far, I have no idea what else to get.. help!

Ds (7)
Minecraft book
Dan tdm toy
Animation minecraft set
Gross science set
Laser pegs
Trash pack lorry &a cars
Knex Mario
2x Lego sets
Smores set

Dd (8)

Pug cup/pen/notebook
3 books
Smores set
2x Lego sets

Dd (14 weeks)


£30 cash

Perfume making kit (need to get)

Sweet toy shop set

Partner wants a DNA testing kit from

I have no idea what else to get!?

Dd wants anything animal related. Also maybe something from smiggle & paper chase.

I need to do stockings too 😩😩 help!

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