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Present ideas for 4.5 and 7yo girls - not doing badly but some inspiration needed!

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EmGee Thu 27-Oct-16 17:28:54

Can anyone help with present ideas for 4.5 and 7yo girls? Have bought a few good things (thanks to ideas and tips from the Christmas thread) BUT am struggling now. The eldest said she wanted the Playmobil (big) swimming pool. Thing is we have the whale pool and that is really only ever played with outside when the weather is warm. The youngest just says she wants everything she sees in catalogues, tv ads etc so not at all reliable! They play well together so most toys end up being used jointly.

Eldest's 7th bday is a week before Christmas - she is getting a recycled HUGE wooden doll house for Barbie, loads of recycled Barbie clothes and stuff.

I'm loath to get more barbie stuff even though they just love playing with it all. We recently got the car, horse etc from a car boot sale.

So far, I have got them: dressing up outfits, useful stuff like pjs, socks, toothbrushes, hairbands, lots of books, Lego Classic and some Wilko stuff, Playmobil camper van (for youngest - just hope she likes it), a magic set for the eldest, dvds, boardgames, colouring stuff, personalised swimming bags.....

We tend to give them a big stocking but they don't get an actual present from us - it all comes from FC. I will also need to provide inspiration for relatives (already get a trip to the Pantomine).

Any ideas from those with girls of this age, please inspire me! I do have some Djeco craft kits in mind as well. Neither are particularly into animals and they have plenty of soft toys.

recklessgran Thu 27-Oct-16 17:47:06

It sounds as though you have loads of lovely presents already.
Monsoon have some lovely girly bits in the way of party handbags and shoes, hairbands/slides etc or what about earmuffs? [ Five girls here and they always loved receiving things like that as a change from "toys" IYSWIM.]

oobedobe Thu 27-Oct-16 20:39:23

I really don't think you need to get them anymore than you have. They are very lucky girls. It is lovely to spoil them but how much can 2 girls really play with?

Maybe relatives could get them gift cards, so they can choose something later on, or cinema vouchers or build a bear voucher etc

GerrardWinstanley Thu 27-Oct-16 23:05:52

my two are a couple of years older so thinking back to things that have been appreciated -
Cheapish digital cameras, Microscope, rorys story cubes, other playmobil stuff e.g. the school in a case, an easel, nutty putty(like playdough but you bake it to make it permanent)
I got this book for my two who also (mostly) play really well together

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