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Help! Suggestions for boys 5 and 6?

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recklessgran Thu 27-Oct-16 11:00:17

Need to buy something for two great- nephews 5 and 6. Lovely boys but don't see them very often and when I do they're just bombing around and don't seem to be into anything in particular. They're definitely not bookish if you see what I mean. I have asked and been told "oh they're happy with anything!" Budget is £10-15. Don't really want to do lego/playmobil as have done this to death in previous years. Sorry - completely clueless with boys I'm afraid.

BoysRule Thu 27-Oct-16 12:49:36

Nerf guns?

SitsOnFence Thu 27-Oct-16 12:57:27

I have a 6 yo DD. Things she loves that 8 yo DS also loves are:

- Newton's cradle, £13 at Argos
- Pogo stick (basic ones are quite often reduced to under £15)
- Bungee Bouncer, £13 on Amazon. I can't stress enough what an enormous hit this was, especially since it can be used indoors
- Gadgety pencil cases, yoyos , snap bands and stuff from Smiggle
- Pogo ball, £10 or 2 for £15 at Argos
- Those super-fluffy fleece blankets that you can pick up from places like Dunelm, Argos, Wilko, ASDA, etc. I was surprised how excited DS was to see the one Father Christmas gave him a few years back
- Anything Nerf
- DD wants a Spy Gear dart trap and door alarm this year. I've also bought DS this Science Museum intruder alarm, although your nephews would probably need some help assembling it
- DD was recently delighted to receive a microscope. I've seen similar sets for under £15, or smaller pocket microscopes for around £7-8
- Pillow pets were very loved by both and still well used 2 years on
- Basic marble runs can be picked up for £10
- Disco lights have also been very popular we have one like this although I only paid something like £6 from eBay
- I know that slush maker cups are very popular with DD and DS's friends this sort of thing

I wasn't sure if you meant £15 each or £15 for both, so sorry if not all ideas are within budget.

recklessgran Thu 27-Oct-16 13:01:21

Oh, thank you. The budget is up to £15 each so plenty of scope with your ideas [ most of which would never have occurred to unimaginative me.] Got five girls myself hence why I am so clueless about the boys!

SitsOnFence Thu 27-Oct-16 13:22:31

Another idea; 5 and 6 year olds can never have too many torches. A decent quality wind up or hand-powered one would make a lovely gift.

Having a girl and a boy, I find that DD is into pretty much everything that DS is, plus all the 'girl' branded things like Shopkins, polly pocket, Barbies, etc. It doesn't work both ways though as, since starting school, DS would be horrified to receive anything very pink or obviously 'girl' branded, despite the fact he'll play quite happily with his sister's toys when he thinks no one is looking... wink

KC225 Thu 27-Oct-16 23:01:31

Amotherby for Nerf

mamabluestar Sun 30-Oct-16 14:03:59

Marking my place, as Ive picked up some good ideas for my difficult to buy for 5 year old

SisterViktorine Sun 30-Oct-16 15:23:00

If they are allowed nerf type guns, DS was recently delighted with a knex one- think it's called K-Force.

However, not everyone like this kind of toy so maybe check that out.

eyebrowsonfleek Sun 30-Oct-16 18:47:12

Spygear stuff was popular. Think night vision googles, spy watches etc.

Artandco Sun 30-Oct-16 18:52:05

Just a note, I have 5 and 6 year old boys. I don't allow them anything fighting related, including nerf guns. So any nerf gifts are swiftly given away.

Mine would like:
Books - Roald Dahl kind of level
Art things
Board games
Schleich knights and dragon figures

Neither like Lego much. We have a selection and they don't really play with it

SisterViktorine Sun 30-Oct-16 18:56:15

Knights are fighting related?

Artandco Sun 30-Oct-16 19:03:57

Sister - we don't have any with swords or guns.

Afo Sun 30-Oct-16 19:04:28 I have just picked this up in argos OP for my 5yo DS. GAS great reviews and at £13 it's less than half price.

Artandco Sun 30-Oct-16 19:08:30

Like this

sugarmonster64 Sun 30-Oct-16 21:31:04

Similar but not the same as lego:
Meccano (may be a little over budget)
Dress up costumes - supermarket ones are within your budget
Board games or card games - uno, top trumps all big favourites

MrsAmaretto Mon 31-Oct-16 21:38:23

Science kits? Like gruesome science kits

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