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Which is best for 4yo boy?

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Wenchelda Wed 26-Oct-16 21:53:19

I can't decide between this wooden castle set[[ ]] with accompanying figures, or this doorbell house. My initial thought was the doorbell house but nearly all the reviews I've read talk about it being given to 2/3yr olds which puts me off and makes me think it's too young for my 4yo nephew. (Though my 4yo DD would love having the locks to open and bells to press!) Just came across the castle blocks set so now have that as an alternative. Any thoughts as to which would be best?

lazydog Wed 26-Oct-16 22:31:24

The castle set by a mile, if my two boys were anything to go by... The doorbell house looks far too young for a 4 year old to get much use out of it.

attheendoftheday Thu 27-Oct-16 00:10:07

We have the doorbell house, I don't think it would hold a 4yo's attention for more than a short while.

JosephineMaynard Thu 27-Oct-16 00:19:14

My then 2 yr old was given the doorbell house last Christmas.

My 5 yr old (then 4) has played with it, but it's had very limited appeal for him. It's not held the younger one's attention for much longer TBH. Although it did teach the 2 yr old how to unlock our back door and let himself into the (fortunately secure) garden.

whatsagoodusername Thu 27-Oct-16 00:30:12

Definitely the castle.

Wenchelda Thu 27-Oct-16 07:24:50

Ok, castle it is then! Thank you smile

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