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Token gift for 18 year old male

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secondhoneymoon Wed 26-Oct-16 16:57:19

Not a Christmas present question but figured would get more responses here and provide stocking filler ideas for others.... visiting friends for the weekend soon and would like to take a little something (£5-10) for their children. Lots of ideas for the daughter but struggling with the son - something more imaginative than smellies and not a voucher. Preferably something fun. thanks

Eva50 Wed 26-Oct-16 17:27:06

It's a difficult age because they are all just so different. Ds2 (19) would like chocolate, nice pens, chocolate, notebooks, chocolate he didn't eat all the guisers sweets, oh no or nice shower gel. Ds1 (just 21) likes tech stuff. My nephews (19 & 17) are totally different, one into cars and sport and the other, spy gear and film making. The only thing they have in common (other than a set of grandparents) is probably chocolate!

Not much help, sorry.

Chocolatecake12 Wed 26-Oct-16 18:59:51

Is he at uni or working?
Do you know what he's into? You could get him a magazine of his hobbie and some chocolate.
Some beer or cider maybe if you know what he likes.
I know you said no vouchers but a costa voucher is always a hit with most people I know!

PassTheMead Wed 26-Oct-16 19:39:54

I would get some nice/unusual beers, usually can get 4 for a tenner.

secondhoneymoon Wed 26-Oct-16 20:22:05

Didn't think about beer - he's still 5 in my mind! Thank you all, very helpful

Violetcharlotte Wed 26-Oct-16 20:26:26

Without knowing what he's into, I'd go for sweets/ chocolate

secondhoneymoon Wed 26-Oct-16 21:07:59

Yes might be safer, was hoping I'd think of something more interesting. Maybe I'll just wander round the shops and see if anything grabs me with beer/chocs as a backup plan

OlennasWimple Wed 26-Oct-16 21:13:03

Is he a grown up-and-would-be-offended-to-get-anything-childish 18 (beer) or a happy-to-have-anything 18 (selection box)?

secondhoneymoon Wed 26-Oct-16 21:37:14

I think he'd say 'beer' but secretly enjoy a selection box! So have a fall-back plan, would just prefer something a bit different. Maybe I'm over-thinking it !

MrsDilligaf Thu 27-Oct-16 05:30:28

In B & M they have a selection of American Sweets so that might be worth looking at - bit different but likely to be a hit.

JetJungle Thu 27-Oct-16 12:58:37

Ok, here are some ideas from my 18 year old DS's stocking:
(Admittedly they are not all £5-10 but maybe there's something helpful in there?)

Barts Beanie
Stargazing 2016
Beer Tankard
Book pendant from Esty
Dinosaur Balloon ball from Hawkins Bazaar
Red Boat Fish Sauce
Grow your own mushrooms from grocycle
Lindt chocolates
Habitat photo frame
Wallet ninja
Swiss Army Knife
Waboba Moon

secondhoneymoon Thu 27-Oct-16 16:19:05

More great ideas thank you. The sauce suggestion made me think maybe some Nando sauces - not sure if he cooks for himself tho

CurriedEggs Thu 27-Oct-16 16:45:36

I'm getting the Bean Boozled spinner game for my late teens

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