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Lapland UK - how did you tell the kids?

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Giselaw Wed 26-Oct-16 07:19:00

For those who have been, or are planning to go, how did you tell the children about it?

I've always wanted to go to the real Lapland, but as it won't happen this year, we've bought tickets to Lapland UK.

I understand you receive a letter from Santa inviting you to his elf workshop, but...but... How did you explain to the kids why Santa and his workshop is just an hour away instead of the North Pole (kids can already find UK on a globe)?

And what do those elves talk about for the first 20 minutes?

I don't want to muddle up my stories and my 5 year old has an annoyingly astonishing memory for little details. Which of course I forget I've hold him half the time, and get pulled up on.

Chocolatecake12 Wed 26-Oct-16 19:16:42

I put the invitation on the doormat...... Ds's face was a picture - he was 6.
The elves are jolly and chat about the place, how only special children get to go there, how he's glad they are there to help etc.
I think I reme,bet saying that the real FC visits Lapland in the UK for a few days to see some children and get their help.
To be honest there's a lot to take in and see and do, not sure my ds really cared about the small details!

987flowers Wed 26-Oct-16 19:46:45

We picked them up from school 30 mins early (they had no idea) and then when in the car we gave them the invite.

We absolutely loved it! Mine still talk about now, have fun!

987flowers Wed 26-Oct-16 19:47:51

Oh and what they really liked was the letter they get on Christmas day!

LittleReindeerwithcloggson Wed 26-Oct-16 21:08:36

Said it was a Lapland based in uk where Santa makes some of his toys every year. Invitation is brilliant - says Santa has got behind and so has selected a handful of kids especially to help. The elves talk about how elves were created and build up to the big door opening to Lapland. Very very well done. A postcard is also sent to the kids ( via you) thanking them for them help and saying that thanks to them all presents got made. We bought and smuggled home one of the toys they made in the toy factory and put the toy and the letter next to their stocking. Priceless

autumnintheair Wed 26-Oct-16 21:11:20

We bought and smuggled home one of the toys they made in the toy factory and put the toy and the letter next to their stocking. Priceless

It really fucks me off you have to buy this toy though, why cant they include it?????

Casablanca78 Wed 26-Oct-16 22:25:42

Same as above - I put the invite on the doormat with a load of fake snow and glitter!! My daughter luckily never questioned it being in the UK

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