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Help with life like washable doll please?

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2Hash Mon 24-Oct-16 00:17:17

Hi all. My dd,9, want a lifelike/reborn girl doll, with hair, washable but soft! Not a hard plastic doll. We have loads of dolls so smyths/Argos etc are out. The problem is she has been googling and has seen loads of videos of people asking life like dolls and wAnts one! She searches images and has seen loads that she likes br I know are nots available because they are Pinterest pictures etc. This is not a problem for her because w
She is just going to print a picture she likes and send it to Santa asking him to make the same except fully washable.... And we all know that the elves hVe to make some of the toys and they can make anything :-(
Please can anyone help me! I am on eBay/ aliexpress etc but time is running out for delivery and reviews aren't great of most of them:-( I would like to get a UK supplier that 8 could speak to etc......Thanks

daisydoosoph Mon 24-Oct-16 06:45:39

Google Mary Shortle, she has shops in Leeds & Bradford but posts out too. Her dolls are fab and come in all price ranges from about £40 to £2000+

Mrs5boys Tue 25-Oct-16 10:53:09

Try searching vinyl lifelike doll into eBay ,,,,, I have a reborn doll but be careful when buying as some ,, like mine,, have soft bodies so you wouldn't be able to bath them

2Hash Tue 25-Oct-16 23:32:41

Thanks guys :-)

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