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A word to the wise re Lego.

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WankersHacksandThieves Fri 21-Oct-16 18:29:09

Just in case anyone isn't aware, the actual Lego site itself is often the cheapest for lego.

Just bought the VW Beetle set. It's £117 on Amazon plus postage with private sellers going even higher than that.

Its £69.99 on the lego site, free delivery, free London Bus set and they've also chucked in a bagged set that makes a Parrot. Ordered two days ago and it's just been delivered.

I've found the same with different sets in previous years. Amazon and Ebay and other places selling for a lot more than you can buy it direct...and I got £1.75 cashback tracked on Quidco.

There are obviously sometimes bargains to be had, but make sure you check the proper price on the lego site too.

Inthepalemoonlight Fri 21-Oct-16 18:35:18

Thanks. Good tip.

WankersHacksandThieves Fri 21-Oct-16 18:37:47

I just hate seeing people ripped off. I hate when people by multiple sets of things like the advent calendar and then charge double to desperate parents. There is no need, it's just greed i'm a poet and I don't know it

WankersHacksandThieves Fri 21-Oct-16 18:38:08

buy not by blush

Meadows76 Fri 21-Oct-16 18:41:06

I thought everyone checked prices of various places when ordering online? Is that not a thing

TellMeStraight Fri 21-Oct-16 18:41:39

I have Lego Rage today. Was going to order a HUGE tub of 'classic' bricks for £33 from tesco earlier in the week then forgot to complete the order before it went back up to £50. Then saw it in the Sainsburys 1/2 price toy sale but by the time I went back 2 days later it had all gone!!! 😖😖😖😡

Riversiderunner Fri 21-Oct-16 18:41:58

Great tip! I always assume it's cheaper not on the company's site

WankersHacksandThieves Fri 21-Oct-16 18:44:36

Meadows, yes you'd think but they clearly don't as they sell at inflated prices all the time. It's just not often that the actual manufacturer is the cheapest. Just thought I'd point it out, it might help somebody.

Ssfb Fri 21-Oct-16 18:45:40

I've always asumed they would be more expensive, so thank you.
I'm after a big set. Not sure which one to get yet. It's so hard to decide

WankersHacksandThieves Fri 21-Oct-16 18:45:40

I don't work for Lego honestly but I could open my own shop!

WankersHacksandThieves Fri 21-Oct-16 18:47:53

I found this years decision easy Ssfb. It's for DS1 (16) and his lego days are probably nearly over but he is also very fixed on his room colour scheme of white and turquoise/teal. So the VW beetle hit the mark on that. he'll enjoy making it up and displaying it.

PandasRock Fri 21-Oct-16 18:51:01

More words to the wise:

There is double VIP points on at the Lego shop currently (until the end of the month ^I think^). If you buy Lego regularly and don't have a VIP club, sign up now - it all adds up; I currently have £40 odd of rewards waiting to be spent.

There are also some good promotions at the lego shop atm- until tomorrow if you spend £60 you get a free London bus set. From Sunday the free reward changes, and is a advent calendar type set - well worth it.

Amazon have some good discounts regularly on Lego (which makes it better value than shopping at Lego and gaining the VIP points) - check camelcamelcamel for price tracking and set alerts. I've had a few big sets (Friends Hotel, Elves castle) at about 40% off doing this - well worth it.

WankersHacksandThieves Fri 21-Oct-16 18:53:55

Yes Pandas. I agree you can get bargains on other sites and I have in the past - I'm just reminding people not to dismiss the lego store -which clearly you don't do either smile

jellyandsoup Fri 21-Oct-16 18:56:04

Useful info. The plamobile site is the same, got some bits for gifts the other week, was half the price of Amazon and got an extra small set which meant we got free delivery so small set was effectively free!

PandasRock Fri 21-Oct-16 18:59:16

Oh, definitely not worth ignoring the Lego store.

The Lego resellers are often just chancing their arm - I was after a UCS Yoda set for ages, and all eBay/Amazon prices went sky high when the new Star Wars film came out. Obviously enough sold to make it worth heir while, but I waited it out until the prices fell again (not enough, as it's a retired set so in Shorter supply).

It all goes in cycles. But sometimes, the resellers get ahead of themselves and aim high while the original set is still available from Lego - as a pp said, everyone should price check regularly if buying online.

BellaGoth Fri 21-Oct-16 18:59:59

Thanks for this! My DS has only recently discovered lego but he's into it in a BIG way. This should save us a bit of money.

WankersHacksandThieves Fri 21-Oct-16 19:04:51

Bella, definitely still check around but go to Lego first and see what they are selling it at before you trawl round - i'm not sure they always appear on comparison sites, also beware if buying on ebay - sometimes they are only selling the box or the instructions, not the actual lego! angry

PandasRock Fri 21-Oct-16 19:09:10

For a useful comparison of where Lego is the cheapest, have a look at

They have a shopping round up with the latest discounts, and you can price check with the Lego store too.

And lots of news about latest sets and upcoming promotions etc.

WankersHacksandThieves Fri 21-Oct-16 19:09:47

thanks Panda smile

ijustwannadance Fri 21-Oct-16 19:12:37

This is only true for the larger exclusive creator sets though. Smyths has a deal with lego which is why they stock the modulars and £150+ sets so sometimes better off getting when they do 20% off.

I want winter train but will wait until nearer xmas when the giveaway will be xmas themed like last years gingerbread house.

Any sets like friends/elves/ninjago/starwars that are sold everywhere will be cheaper anywhere else but

megletthesecond Fri 21-Oct-16 19:12:45

I had a feeling this was the case. Mind you, I'm not sure my credit card would like being let loose on the lego website.

scotjls Fri 21-Oct-16 19:15:47

Same with Disney Store. Supermarkets and Amazon sell the big Woody and Buzz dolls for £50. Disney Store has had them for £25/30.

WankersHacksandThieves Fri 21-Oct-16 19:53:52

This looks a great set on a deal at Asda if any use?,default,pd.html?source=2925&promotype=Communities+%26+UGC&cmpid=afc-_-GEOR-_-awin-_-47868-_%20-generic&cm_mmc=GEOR-aff-_-awin-_-HotUKDeals-_-47868&awin_aff=47868_HotUKDeals_Pepper%20Deals%20Ltd_Communities+%26+UGC&awc=2925_1477075866_4a3c7e9cab4c7815fc1d38e609a73154

Floralnomad Fri 21-Oct-16 20:00:59

We buy most of our Lego from the site , they always send a free gift and the delivery is always efficient ,we also have a VIP card . We have just finished building the Disney castle which I can highly recommend if anyone wants to splash out .

PandasRock Fri 21-Oct-16 20:19:44

I'm holding out for Sunday - double points and great freebie starting - to get the Disney castle grin

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