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Anyone put their tree up yet?

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MrsHouseBrownie Thu 20-Oct-16 20:32:46

Just spotted the first fully trimmed up house of the year! grin
Fairy lights in all the windows, huge tree and winter scene with little houses on the windowsills.
Cue 8 year old asking when are we putting ours up!

Palomb Thu 20-Oct-16 20:36:51

Crikey! DH moans every year that we out ours up too early when it's the first week in December shock

slightlypeevedwombat Thu 20-Oct-16 20:37:26

In October???????

Justwanttoweeinpeace Thu 20-Oct-16 20:39:31

Sweet Jesus! It's months away yet!

acornsandnuts Thu 20-Oct-16 20:42:20


Kirriemuir Thu 20-Oct-16 20:44:41

Christ no. I adore putting my tree up but way too early.

SwedishEdith Thu 20-Oct-16 20:45:11

They'll be the same people who boast about whisking all the decorations away on Christmas night because they can't stand the mess.

PosiePootlePerkins Thu 20-Oct-16 20:45:27

Er, its October. Mine will be going up around the 18th December.

FadedRed Thu 20-Oct-16 20:45:55

I've known people who have very early 'mock' Christmas for special reasons. One because dad was in the army and would be away for six months, so they did an early Christmas before he left. The other reason was a very sad one.
Hopefully, neither of those reason apply and it's just someone who likes Christmas!

PipersPiping Thu 20-Oct-16 20:46:17

No way surely not!!! Ours goes up dec 1st.

ohtheholidays Thu 20-Oct-16 20:48:16

Nope,no way are they going up yet and I love Christmas!

I do have a friend though that usually puts hers up the day she takes her Halloween decorations down and she usually puts her Halloween decorations around the house by the second week of October shock

We usually put our decorations up about the 13th of December.

TippiNoodlegruder Thu 20-Oct-16 20:48:46

Nope. First weekend in December here. Can't wait, I'm so looking forward to it, but now is too soon.

I have seen a few houses with lights up, though not sure if they just keep them on all year round and only switch them on for Xmas!

JosephineMaynard Thu 20-Oct-16 20:50:06

But we haven't even had Halloween yet!

Violetcharlotte Thu 20-Oct-16 20:50:28

Wow really? That's super early!
I do love putting my tree up, but always hold off til 1 Dec

DeathpunchDoris Thu 20-Oct-16 20:51:20

Christmas Eve in this house. Makes it all special.

OhTheRoses Thu 20-Oct-16 20:52:35

Sure it isn't for Diwali?

MrsHouseBrownie Thu 20-Oct-16 20:55:46

We (Me DH & DD) have a silly competition every year to see who can spot the first lights! This year DH spotted them 1st. This house does it every year and they are a bit later than usual (yep seriously!). Around our way I've seen them put up in September, purely for being earlier than the neighbours!

MrsHouseBrownie Thu 20-Oct-16 20:58:05

It would drive me up the all with the dusting. Ours go up 1st weekend in December and that's early enough for me 😁

MistressMolecules Thu 20-Oct-16 21:11:55

Noooo! Although I do know someone who plays Christmas music from about July!

ohtheholidays Fri 21-Oct-16 08:49:18

September shock does it not look strange OP with all the Halloween things going on around them?

I won't tell my friend that there are people that put they're tree up earlier than her's I think her poor DH would never forgive me.

TheNaze73 Fri 21-Oct-16 08:53:16


thenewaveragebear1983 Fri 21-Oct-16 08:56:13

1st December for us!
I am however making some sparkly yarn baubles using wool dipped in pva round balloons this weekend. Damn you Pinterest.

namechangedjustforchristmas Fri 21-Oct-16 08:59:44

Yes. Kinda. Bought the hobbycraft felt tree 2 days ago and put it up immediately. The kids love it

Heirhelp Fri 21-Oct-16 09:01:22

I want that felt tree!

PotatoBread Fri 21-Oct-16 09:18:45

I saw one last week in the window of a house not too far away from where I live. I felt slightly embarrassed for them grin

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