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Christmas novels

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MarriedinMaui Tue 18-Oct-16 07:05:02

I started a new tradition for myself last year. Reading Christmas novels. It was great! Made me feel very Christmassy and cosy all through December. I thought we could start a Christmas books recommendations thread grin

Last year I read Skipping Christmas by John Grisham, which I really enjoyed. It's about a late middle age couple in the American Midwest who decide they are not celebrating Christmas this year, to the horror of their friends and neighbours. It's very funny and touching.

I also read a really pretty terrible cheesy one (can't remember name!) about an old lady who moves up to the Scottish highlands for Christmas with a friend who has recently and conveniently lost his wife. There is stuff about a woollen mill, and a random neglected teenage niece. Reminded me of Jilly Cooper's recent books but with less shagging. Not recommend. Which is just as well having forgotten both name and author. Oops.

soundsystem Tue 18-Oct-16 07:09:33

Ooh, great idea for a thread! Last year I read A Boy Called Christmas by Matt Haig which was just lovely.

MarriedinMaui Tue 18-Oct-16 07:21:23

Just checked it out on Amazon to see the reviews, and there is a new edition out in November with a £3.85 pre-order price. I was planning to be good and get all these from the library, but...blush

thegirlinthecar Tue 18-Oct-16 07:39:39

oh great I'd love to do this too. Maeve Binchy This year it will be different is a collection of festive short stories. I'm going to write all of these down

Loyly Tue 18-Oct-16 07:42:40

I read so many Christmas novels, anything I can get my hands on and regardless of quality grin

I really liked 'Winter Wonderland' by Belinda Jones. It's about a journalist who goes to Quebec to cover the Winter Carnival. There's a 'hunky Jacques' storyline but it doesn't spoil the magical portrayal of the setting.

I thought 'Christmas at Tiffany's' by Karen Swann would be pure chick lit. It has a bit more to it than that with cleverly done twists. The main character goes from the Highlands to New York, Paris, and London.

This year, I'm starting 'Calling Mrs Christmas' by Carole Matthews. A woman becomes a Christmas Planner and goes to Lapland with a client.

I always seem to choose on-location Christmas novels. I'm looking forward to checking out the suggestions here!

thegirlinthecar Tue 18-Oct-16 07:43:43

married i always fall into that trap and end up spending a fortune on books because they're only £4 smile

RhinestoneCowgirl Tue 18-Oct-16 07:45:24

I think your 2nd one is winter solstice by Rosamund Pilcher? I read it too last year, along with some festive Hercule Poorly and a trashy chick lit thing about a wool shop. Lovely!

MarriedinMaui Tue 18-Oct-16 07:55:27

Yes that's the one Rhinestone! I found it readable enough but ultimately unsatisfactory. A bit like eating poor quality chocolate. You know?

Did you mean Hercule Poirot? grin

ChristmasEvePJs Tue 18-Oct-16 12:16:26

Loyle, I liked Calling Mrs Christmas 🎅

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeG0es Tue 18-Oct-16 12:19:25

Winter Solstice, yes, totally agree, bought that last year on the strength of a similar thread and it went straight to the charity shop afterwards, a shame as I've liked her other books.

redexpat Tue 18-Oct-16 15:32:44

A Christmas Carol? Only 100 pages.

TodayCrosbyToday Tue 18-Oct-16 20:46:39

Without fail I always read 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens and 'The Christmas Mystery' by Jostein Gaarder. Have also read a lot of Tricia Ashley's christmas novels- she very much follows the same formula with each one but they are easy to read and very festive! grin

MarriedinMaui Tue 18-Oct-16 20:47:01

Calling Mrs Christmas looks good.
Anyone got any "quality" type ones for when I want a change from Chic lit?

TheWoollybacksWife Tue 18-Oct-16 20:59:20

I've just finished these two. A couple of the short stories had a bit of a tenuous link to Christmas but never mind. They were a winning combination of Christmas and Golden Age crime.

Heavenscent86 Tue 18-Oct-16 21:00:22

I don't know about quality ones but I really like Julia Williams and Jenny Colgans Christmas novels. I'll be watching to see if anyone recommends a chick lit alternative though.

PGTip Tue 18-Oct-16 21:02:29

Do you want hard copies or to read on a Kindle? If you haven't already signed up with &
And you'll receive a daily email with FREE or very reduced books. I have downloaded approximately 6 Christmas books (all free) in the last 2 weeks. And regularly download 5-6 free books each week.

NattyTile Tue 18-Oct-16 21:14:58

Miss Read has a Christmas collection if you like her writing (very gentle stories of quiet village where nothing much happens, but it happens beautifully).

starsorwater Tue 18-Oct-16 22:46:32

The Dean's Watch Elizabeth Goudge is very old fashioned Christmassy.

The Dark is Rising- Susan Cooper

Box of Delights- John Masefield

Old fashioned and children's but still lovely

tanya1312 Thu 20-Oct-16 10:54:56

I searched Xmas books on Amazon for kindle downloaded quite a few free ones and a few £2-3 ones, also the works have 3 books for £5 at moment and a few Xmas ones in there

MarriedinMaui Thu 20-Oct-16 16:01:05

Maybe I need a kindle for Christmas too!

atticusclaw2 Thu 20-Oct-16 16:05:30

Agee that a boy called Christmas is just lovely. We read it aloud as a family and all really enjoyed it.

MrsHouseBrownie Thu 20-Oct-16 16:13:11

Trisha Ashley's books are my go to for Christmas. 'Twelve days of Christmas' is my fave

WiltingTulip Fri 21-Oct-16 09:14:02

Thanks Woolyback they are the perfect gift for my step mum!
I have ordered them and Aboy called Christmas for my family!

FormerlyCatherineDeB Fri 21-Oct-16 13:44:17

this is good value.

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