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What on earth do I want for Christmas?

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jingscrivvens Mon 17-Oct-16 13:15:36

Dp pestering at the minute about what I want for Christmas and I really don't have a clue! The only thing I can think of is an instant pot but it makes me a bit sad that that's the only thing I can think of when I could be getting something prettier.
What is everyone else wanting/getting and I can maybe nick your ideas!

MummyTheTramEngine Mon 17-Oct-16 13:35:19

Flowers/ plants/ trees for the garden
New pyjamas
Fancy underwear
Posh toiletries / makeup
Craft stuff for my hobby
Tickets to the theatre/ballet
Canoeing lessons

I'm not getting all of this, by the way!! Probably just the books.

MummyTheTramEngine Mon 17-Oct-16 13:36:03


What will make you properly happy on Christmas morning?

Mylittlelights Mon 17-Oct-16 13:40:09

Fluffy socks

Lots of pairs of fluffy socks

that might just be me

bootygirl Mon 17-Oct-16 13:54:08

I want nice slippers if I can find ones that are nt grannyish!

Got clothes already put them away!

Books or magazine subscriptions

Charm for my pandora bracelet

CharminglyGawky Mon 17-Oct-16 14:08:48

2 nice dressing gowns so I always have a spare when I have a newborn that will certainly leak on me!
Kindle/amazon vouchers.
New pjs but will probably buy them myself tbh.

Nice candles?
Sparkly things?

wonderingsoul Mon 17-Oct-16 14:45:14

The new instant camera
Or the printer tbat prints dicerectly from your phone.. cant decided.

New pjs
Slipper boots
Dressing gown
Body lotion

jingscrivvens Tue 18-Oct-16 09:23:47

Thanks for all the suggestions, I forgot I needed new slippers. I only wear them in the cold weather and I chucked them out earlier in the year because they were so done in! That and maybe some nice make up would make me happy.. And some perfume if I've not used up all of my budget.

Thanks everyone!

ShotsFired Tue 18-Oct-16 09:37:34

A few years ago I asked for framed pictures of my relatives (my nan, grandad etc, died when I was young). My mum gave me several lovely ones I had never seen before and they now hang on my picture wall and I see them every day.

Nice notebooks? I have a beautiful leather bound one I save exclusively to write happy or lovely thoughts, experiences, comments in. It is like reading a book of sunbeams.

A non-leaking/fancy/nice water bottle? I have one on my desk which looks at me and makes me drink water, otherwise I can go almost the whole day without a drop of liquid!

Toomanycats99 Tue 18-Oct-16 09:38:46

Wondering soul - we have a printer that prints from phone - I can highly recommend it!

HughLauriesStubble Tue 18-Oct-16 09:45:28

Ooh toomany which one is it? Are the photos good quality?

Toomanycats99 Tue 18-Oct-16 10:08:42

It's an Hp one. Scanner and printer in one.

We barely used the computer as have iPhones iPads etc so it's also great for printing emails tickets etc without having to log into computer.

Photo quality appears fine to me!

MrsDilligaf Tue 18-Oct-16 20:52:32

I've asked for:
A pilates DVD
A bullet journal notebook
A pair of cashmere gloves.

Any one of those would make me very happy.

Although I am hankering after one of those printers now.

MadrigalElectromotive Tue 18-Oct-16 22:09:15

I would like

A new apron
Lovely diptyque face moisturiser
A soft jumper

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